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Review: Cantu Ignis - Enslaved By Volition (2022)

Cantu Ignis is a symphonic melodic death metal from Longmont, Colorado, they just release the debut album is called Enslaved By Volition on February 4th, 2022.

Burning Through Your Eyes opens this album with its magnificent compositions, sweet melodies and epic symphonies dancing along with catchy and tight guitar riffs, very solid vocals, and dense drum, then the guitar solo spoils us with its glorious melodies, accompanying us to the next track Dying, a track that opens with a beautiful acoustic guitar, then catapulted us with an invigorating melodies that gives splendor to every part of this track, the charming guitar solo makes us fantasize with its melodies that continues to radiate until the end. Fail The King comes with a glamour, majestic, and sturdy soundscape. The glorious symphony echoes along with the melancholic melodies, the sweet guitar riff seems to provide free space for the guitar solos to highlight its role to always envelop us with its beauty, while Catharsis delivers the mystical energy with heady leads, this track takes on strong progressive influences that are poured into a series of jaw-dropping guitar solos, crisp and crunchy guitar riffs, and angry vocal that wrapped with dramatic symphony to create a dark sonority. The Degenerate comes to catch us with its catchy beats and fun structure, while the vocals reverberate loudly along with a series of dense guitar riffs and powerful drums, then the guitar solos torment us with its complex notes that drag us to the next track Fear Is Your God, explodes with a very aggressive beat, while a bombastic orchestra come to hold us and then executes us with an astonishing guitar solo. Shortness Of Breath closed this album perfectly, spoiling us with majestic symphonic performances and hypnotic melodies. Its long duration allows the band to launch an intense maximum attack with astounding guitar solos, then brings us to the end of the epic journey with an overwhelming victory of the heart.

Enslaved By Volition is an extraordinary journey that is poured into the form of an amazing album, they constantly spoil us with a bunch of guitar solos that are astonishing, invigorating, hypnotizing, and intoxicating. The epic and magnificent symphonies, as well as its captivating melodies dance along with a series of catchy, crunchy, and tight guitar riffs, solid vocals, excellent bass, and powerful drums. The songwriting is brilliant with a majestic, glorious, and melancholic soundscape, also the production is absolutely outstanding. For me this is a truly phenomenal album that deserves more attentions. I absolutely love this album and never get enough to enjoy it over and over again.