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Review: The Devils Of Loudun - Escaping Eternity (2022)

Escaping Eternity is the debut album from Technical/Symphonic Melodic death metal band that based in Seattle, Washington The Devils Of Loudun. It's one of my most anticipated album in this year, I've been following them for a long time and I love their two previous EP Entering Oblivion (2015) and Enduring Creation (2016), and this album is follows up from that two EP. Escaping Eternity released by The Artisan Era on February 11th, 2022.

This album opens with The Scourge Of Beasts, a track that hypnotizes us with its melodic beauties built on a very harmonious and dynamic guitar riffs, while a epic symphony wraps it with a splendor, then Ex Nihilo spoil us with a series of melancholic melodies, beautiful notes intertwined with dense and beautiful guitar riffs, its sweet symphonies never cease to mesmerize us with their sublimity, solid vocals lend sturdiness to its foundations, and astonishing guitar solos come with its powerful energy that amaze us. Incarnate, a solid track featuring epic and catchy guitar riffs with accompaniment of powerful vocal , excellent bass performances, and very dense drums, then the astounding guitar solos flatter us with its majestic melodies, before Anamnesis strikes us with a more aggressive structure, featuring furious vocals, tight and heavy guitar riffs, flickering keyboards, scorching bass, and devastating drums. The Death Of Sleep shows a bleak and different side, they try to improvise with diversity of melodies and symphonies that create slashing tones and sink us into a dark sonority, then they raise the level of their aggressiveness on the track Evolving Wilds, a song that stabbing us with its swaying melodies and unpredictable structure. They never stop slashing us with astonishing guitar solos and magnificient simphonies, then they give a little crack for us to breathe before stomping again with scorching vocals until the song ends. Praise The Eternal Nightmare, a song that has an invigorating composition with a soft melodies, a sharp technical touch, and a sublime symphony melted into a solid unity that indulges us until the end, then they further explored the madness of their music on the song Abysswalker, a track that features a diversity of melodies wrapped in a melancholic keyboard and eerie vocals. With a long duration, allowing the band to continue experimenting in torturous tones. They explode again with Formless, a track that shows a series of thick and weighty guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and incredible drums, while its fantastic guitar solos captured us with its lovely melodies and lead us to the next track, Arcana Imperii closes this album with a cinematic and dramatic soundscape, as well as a melancholy melodies that tear the heart and mind. This is the ultimate song that touch our emotional depth with a painful feeling that continues to accompany us until the end of this long journey and drown us into a sadness.

They took us into a dramatic journey with a diversity of melodies and simphonies in Escaping Eternity. Yeah, this is a great interpretation form of combinations between epic melodic death metal, symphonic metal, and technical death metal. They execute all influences in this album incredibly. The guitar riffs are catchy, beauty, crunchy, and tight, the keyboards are melancholic and flickering, the vocals are solid and powerful, the bass performances are excellent, also the drum are dense and incredible. The songwriting is really brilliant with perfect and outstanding productions. I love everything from this album, so I will back to repeat this album again and again, it's a fuckin awesome.