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Review: Djin - The Science Of Thought (2022)

Djin is Indonesian technical death metal band that formed in 2006 at Medan, North Sumatra. Ten years was a time that put them in a deep sleep since the last release The Era Of Destruction (2012), after a long absence from the surface without any news, finally this year they rise and returs to drop their second album is called The Science Of Thought which was released by Blackandje Records on February 22nd, 2022. 

Musically this album offers something different from what we hear in their debut album, we can feel it when Phase 1 - A Hollow Future opens this album with high technicality that wrapped with modern elements, such as djent and some electronics touches in the composition, but they still keep its aggressiveness to flame. Meanwhile, the awesome guitar solo comes to slash us with lethal notes, then lands in a great transition that lead us to the track Phase 2 - Lucid Interception, a song that strike us with a stomping beats that weaved from a dense and complex guitar riffs, solid vocals, and thunderous drums. They still include some thick djent patterns on this track that dance with the beauty of the great melody, while Phase 3 - Intransigence opens with a glorious cinematic soundscape that greeted by excellent clean vocals part, allowing the band gives us a chance to catch our breath for a moment, before the beat turns heavy as an explosion of dense and complex guitar riffs hits us with accompaniment of vile vocals and jarring drums, what an incredible track. They continued its musical exploration on the track Hyperbrain, a song that has a fast and dense structure that formed with an intricate and tight composition. There are some interesting parts that featured on this track, such as the excellent bass performance, chaotic synth sections, great embience vocals, and a lot of guitar solos which are very invigorating. This is one of my favorite tracks on this album, then Minds Of The Problematic comes with an even heavier structure which keeps the aggressiveness alive, this track accentuate the diversity of elements in the arrangement, they combine technical death metal with some modern touches, such as excellent electronic elements and clever progressive foundation, along with catchy backing vocals. Stockholm Syndrome, a track that is unique in its own right, where they perform some amazingly clean vocals amid the density and complexity of the musical structure, then astounding guitar solos sneaking between the lethal beats of music, while The Science Of Thought glides with a high level of complexity, this is an instrumental track that showcases the extraordinary craftmanship of each members, we will be spoiled with a series of intricate guitar works, excellent bass performances, and incredible drum plays, before the short Prelude comes with its whimsical notes to become a bridge that connects us to As Time Reverse, a song that closes this album with a very solid composition, present an extraordinary instrument performances and powerfull vocal, then a very captivating guitar solos arrives to spoil us with its lovely melodies until the last bell is sounded.

The Science Of Thought is an extraordinary show with a different presentation from the previous album, they make a significant changes in terms of songwriting and music structure, where in this album they explore more modern elements, such as djent and electronics but still packaged in a menacing technical death metal forms. We will be spoiled with a series of complex and thick guitar riffs, heavy bass, and dense drum structure along with solid vocal performances. The production is outstanding that paying attention to every detail of the music being played. Yeah, this is a great comeback from them with an exciting album that deserves more attention.