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Review: Emulsified - Apocalypse (2022)

Lafayette, Indiana based Technical brutal death metal group Emulsified are return with the anticipated debut album is called Apocalypse that released by Inherited Suffering Records on February 22nd, 2022, this is the follow up their awesome EP Flesh (2017). This band features member of Breeding Filth, Kossuth, Human Filleted, Dream Void, and ex-Dawn Of Dementia, which slowly turned into a very solid band.

The album opens with Rotten, a very heavy track that stomping with a savage brutality, featuring a series of dense and complex guitar riffs, superb bass playing, and highly punishing drums, along with very vicious vocals. While the chaotic guitar solos reveal their vile technical side, then Ver De Sang came with a higher level of technicality, they attacked along with swaying guitar riffs, heavy structured bass and drums, as well as very cruel vocals. The composition that is presented in this song is truly piercing and crushing, while Blood Crescent immediately attacks us with its astonishing melodies intro, then transitions back to a very weighty music. In this track, they not only showcasing a very malignant brutality but they also deliver a melodies that continues to menace with a very strong technical and progressive foundation, as well as its structure that adopts some chaotic dissonance parts. Wanderers, come with a very strong energy, they delivers a captivating mix of brutality and technicality with some solid slam beats and heavy groovy, while the slicing guitar solos lead us to a gripping conditions with its frightening melodies. This is one of those tracks that has a very unpredictable structure and varied tempos, really not easy to digest, then Synthetic Sentience presents an eeriness that built from a collection of gloomy melodies that dance above the brutality that continues to grind our minds. A chaos immediately arose when the intricate riffage came to threaten us with an accompaniment of thunderous drum beats, that crushing us until the end, while Diptera comes with high aggressiveness that makes brutality flare up again, the structure that offered is really heavy and thick. In this track, they never stop spoiling us with fast and catchy guitar riffs, as well as excellent bass performances. The album closes with The Epilogue, a song that blends velocity, density, and complexity into its musical structure, along with a series of tight and chaotic guitar riffs, heavy bass, terrifying vocals, and devastating drums. While its charming guitar solo come to lead us to the end of the amazing journey with perfect satisfaction.

Apocalypse is the successor of their amazing debut EP, in this album their music has evolved into something more weighty, in terms of their arrangement featuring a more technical and progressive structure also some menacing melodies, but not losing their brutality and aggressiveness side. The songwriting is very dense and complex with outstanding production. They have mutated and transformed into a horrific monsters that ready to devour you anytime with the intensity of their music. Really solid album that give a climax satisfactions.