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Review: Fall Of Stasis - The Chronophagist (2022)

Fall Of Stasis is a melodic death metal band that formed in 2014 at Quebec, Canada. The band was released the debut album is called The Chronophagist on February 25th, 2022. They bring some excellent music on their debut, let's see together what they offer on this album.

Well, the album opens with Wilted Forest, a beautiful track that offering an epic, melancholic, and elegant soundscape, the nuances becomes a little eerie when the sound of laughter adorns behind the layers of its majestic sound wrapped with a twingkling keyboards, and then the sound trantisioning to be more charming when a glorious keyboard comes that opened the track Fall Of Stasis which is immediately greeted with energetic vocals, then overflows with a very catchy guitar riff that evokes a strong fantasy feel, this is like a conveyor to a fairy tale of the past that captivates with the beauty of the story. And at the end of the song we are spoiling with an amazing guitar solo and a fascinating keyboard intertwined with each other exuding its beauty that brings us to the track Drunken Howl, an enchanting song with an epic folk music, this is a great composition with the splendor of its sound that displays the beauty of the melody that continues to indulges us, then Baal Arise comes with a tight musical structure that built from a series of tremendous guitar works, solid vocals, and very energetic drums. The Cult, a song that has a heavy composition, I feel from its thick and dense structure, but that doesn't take away the stateliness of its music, because the invigorating guitar solo arrives to capture us with its melodic prowess, while Twilight Carnival comes to revive the uniqueness of folk music they offer through a parade of catchy guitar riffs and flashing keyboards, then explode with cruel vocals and devastating drums. This song also reveals the ghastly side of band that sneaks through the gloomy black metal touch with a solid foundation of progressive elements before Baron hypnotizes us with its melodic grace that born from a biting guitar riffs, great combinations of vocals, heavy bass, and passionate drums, while the dazzling guitar solos keep on lulling us to the end. The melodious strain of acoustic guitar opens the track The Last Waltz, this is a mesmerizing song that provides a serenity with the luxury of its melody when the relentless onslaught of music continues to stab us mercilessly, then Swarm Of Casualties comes to bewitch us with epic melodies, majestic symphonies, and solid progressive elements, allowing the band to create a magnificient and lavish sonority that continues to stun us before The Chronophagist closes the album with its symphonic grandeur and melodic majesty. This song has a catchy composition featuring an incredible combination of horrifying vocals and great clean vocals, it's like a burst of anger that has peaked to be blown out, then the slashing guitar solos take its role to lead us to a dramatic and melancholic ending.

The Chronophagist is an enchanting debut album featuring a lovely amalgam of melodic death metal, black metal, folk metal, symphonic metal, and progressive metal. Everything is executed in a charming manner through a series of fast, catchy and epic guitar riffs, excellent bass performances, twinkling keyboards, varied vocals, and energetic drums. They also constantly spoiling us stunning, invigorating, and even astonishing guitar solos that are scattered on every track. The songwriting is truly unique and majestic with the support of outstanding production. This is an album that really captivated me which gave a climactic satisfaction till the end, you should check it out.