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Review: The Last Of Lucy - Moksha (2022)

Californian Technical death metal group The Last Of Lucy are return with the sophomore album is called Moksha that will be released on February 18th, 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records. This is one of my long anticipated album from them, I love their debut album Ashvattha (2017) that sound really engrossing, so I super stoked to listen this new album.

The album opens with the title-track Moksha, without any hesitation they immediately attack us with a series of sharp and aggressive riffs, very straightforward vocals, and passionate drums. The structure is very complex and fast with some fascinating melodies that make us fall in the cradle they make, moving on to the next track Agni, a very strong track with solid foundations, allowing the band to continue to spread a fear threat with speed of its intricate riff and punishing drumming, while its savage vocals continue to show a relentless craze. Aforethought came to hit us with thick and complex guitar riffs, dense drums, heavy bass, and solid vocals, all executed with high aggressiveness, they didn't slow down the tempo at all and even continued to rise as the music continued to reverberate, then in the same way they release Ego Death, a track that combines speed with beauty weaved into an incredible composition, and the heady guitar solos come to hypnotize us with their seductive tunes. Ritual Of The Abraxas, a song that also boasts a solid composition with some pretty progressive influences, and its soaring melodies overwhelm us with magical tones, before Parasomnia comes to punish us with thick and heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, and very attractive drums. Temple Of Rati, a track that attacking with a parade of tight, dark, and tasty guitar riffs, while the amazing guitar solo comes with its heady melody catching us with its really delightful groove and rhythm, then Ganga's Cenote spreads a fear through a group of dark and torturous riffs where violence and chaos are woven together with a haunting melody that allows the band to create a frightening sonority. They are back to crazy again on the track Covenant, a track that is built from a collection of heavy and strong guitar riffs that are poured together with interesting elements to create an extraordinary composition, while his savage vocals continue to spread threats that always loom. The album closes with The Demiurge, a final track that offers a threatening and devastating groove. It's a deadly combination of velocity, complexity, density, and aggressiveness ​of music, complete with a piercing guitar solo that rips our hearts and minds to the end.

Moksha is a form of musical exploration that has been continuously developed by the band in recent times and they manage to born a composition that is both menacing and devastating by highlighting velocity, density, and complexity mixed with high aggressiveness. This is a technical death metal album with a variety of grooves and rhythms, featuring some interesting elements with the right dose, so that it produces delightful and tasteful music. So, prepare your self to enjoy this incisive extremity with all its complexities and grooves alike. Great job and great offers.