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Review: Mass Worship - Portal Tombs (2022)

Swedish death metal group Mass Worship is return with fantastic second album is called Portal Tombs that released by Century Media Records on February 4th, 2022.

This album open with Specular Void, a track that brings a huge destruction with its heavy and dense guitar riffs, its vocals are so cruel that it never ceases to provide a frightening threat, also the intense drumming hitting us with its scorching beats. In this song they also include a strong dissonant harmonic which adds a weight in this song, while Portal Tombs beats us with the density of dissonant riffs that blend with a touch of thick black metal, then the terrible howl of the vocalist gives the impression of high horror that makes our hairs goose down between the onslaught of crushing drums unrelentlessly. And the guitar solo successfully takes on its role to slash us with its dark notes. Revel In Fear, a catchy song with a tight structure, crunchy guitar riffs and very solid drums, they give us a little interlude in the middle of the song for us to breathe before a piercing guitar solo come to drown us in misery, then Orcus Mouth strikes with dark dissonance laced with gruesome vocals, allowing the band to create an eerie nuances with a series of excruciating guitar riffs, wrenching melodic guitar solos, and bleak clean vocals that plunge us into the grief abyss with painful feelings. Unholy Mass, a short and calming composition with a soft and melancholic melodies, becomes a bridge to the next track Dunes Of Bone which comes with an aggressiveness that is formed from a series of heavy and dense guitar riffs, angry vocals, and loud drum beats that unmercifully pound us into a dust flakes. Scorched Earth, a heavy track that has a chaotic groove and modern structute combine with a series of tight guitar riffs, monstrous vocals and powerful drums to create a ruin slowly. Meanwhile, its charming guitar solo seems to give us life again after being massacred on this track, while Empyrean Halls delivering a dark and murky guitar riffs, with its slow tempos, allowing the band to create a fear that will continue to haunt. The album closed with Deliverance, a song with a ton of melodies that are epic, haunting, and hypnotizing, with its long duration giving the band a chance to launch its ultimate power to deliver the heaviest torture before we drift away in anguish over the suffering that will always accompany us until the end.

Portal Tombs is a solid and insane death metal album that built on a series of tight, dense, and heavy guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, and torturous drumming. While the guitar solo comes with a dark, slashing, and melancholic melodies, also I found a lot of dissonance sound that give a different sensation in the composition. Overall, the songwriting is solid with great production and unpredictable structure. An album that deserve more attentions.