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Review: Persefone - Metanoia (2022)

Persefone is a progressive melodic death metal group that formed in 2001 at Andorra, they are one of iconic band that give a big influences for any prog-band in this worlds with their masterpieces. This year they are return with new album is called Metanoia that was released on February 4th, 2022 via Napalm Records.

Metanoia, started the journey on this album with its cinematic and dramatic soundscape, its clean vocals are very melancholy accompanied by a very soft melodies that finally explodes and well transitioned to the next track Katabasis, a track that stomps with the beauty of its enchanting melody and fused with epic and heavy guitars riffs, incredible drums, and the placement of the vocal variations are just right, also an extraordinary orchestral performance and some electronic elements wraps this song with splendor. Architecture of the I is a track with a very enchanting rhythm, the band constantly hypnotizes us with beautiful melodies accompanied by epic guitar riffs, solid vocals, and incredible bass performances. Then they execute it with a very stunning guitar solo reinforced with catchy and tasty drum beats complemented by clean vocals, bringing us to the next track Leap of Faith, an instrumental song that immerses us with a melancholic, dramatic, and cinematic soundscape. The majestic orchestra resonates with a series of hypnotizing notes that slowly leading and connecting us to the next track Aware of Being Watched, presents an incredible balance between softness and intense sound, where clean vocals and jazzy parts alternate with luscious riffs delivered by dense drums. This track offers us great compositions with a very mesmerizing mix of serenity and progressive elements. Merkabah comes with lively and highly dynamic instrumentation, wrapped in incredible tempo and rhythm and intoxicating tunes, then slowly explodes with a powerful howl with massive fury. The song showcases the band's toughest yet most vulnerable side as screams and explosive beats are followed by soft instrumentation that spanning the song's intensity to its full potential. The band surprised us by presenting the continous sequel of Consciousness from the album Spiritual Migration (2013) on the next track Consciousness (Pt.3), which features a solid composition with dense drums, intricate and tight guitar riffs, also epic and melancholy melody that echo to the end. The album closed with three parts of Anabasis, which are interconnected. Anabasis Pt.1 offers a cinematic and dramatic soundscape that connects to Anabasis Pt.2, striking with a series of complex, sharp, and heavy guitar riffs to the accompaniment of an impressive trio vocals combination that amplified by indulgent guitar solos also a weighty drums, then Anabasis Pt.3 ended the journey of this album with a melancholic tones that provide softness and tranquility to the end, a climax that we get with a sensation of maximum satisfaction.

This band always brings a fond memories in each album, on Metanoia they take us into a gloomy and atmospheric journey through a dramatic, melancholic, and cinematic soundscape, beautifully written in progressive death metal music which rich in sweet melodies. The vocals mix is incredible, and the songwriting is clever and brilliant with outstanding productions. ​I think this is a perfect album from start to finish that has touched my soul, and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Surely, this will be a great masterpiece this year, so don't ask anything again, just check out this album if you like sweet and epic progressive death metal.