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Review: Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts (2022)

Pure Wrath is Indonesian black metal band that formed in 2014 at Bekasi, West Java, this is another project of multi-instrumentalist Januaryo Hardy (Perverted Dexterity, Lament, etc). This year they are return with the new album is called Hymn To The Woeful Hearts that released on February 18th, 2022 by Debemur Morti Productions. In this new album they are featuring with some guest musicians such as Yurii Kononov (ex-White Ward), Dice Midyanti (Victorian, Restless), and Nick Kushnir (Midgard) to make this album even more fascinating.

The album begins with The Cloak Of Disquiet, a track that opens with a pathetic acoustic guitar and melancholic cello section then the drums explode to greet the eerie howls of vocals, while the haunting melody continues to terrorize us with its bleak atmosphere. Its musical structure is very dynamic featuring a series of dark and cold notes, that allowing the band to vent all its emotions and anger here, then Years Of Silence comes with a burst of rage that mounts overwhelm with sadness and anxiety that is poured into a dramatic soundscape along with its dark and gloomy guitar riffs, while its catchy drums accompany it with the crushing beats, and a melancholic keyboard comes at the end of the song to drown us in the sorrow. Presages From A Restless Soul, a more aggressive song with stomping beats built from a series of dark guitar riffs and powerful drums, while the horrifying vocals constantly spread fear that continues to be shrouded in a frosty and murky atmosphere, then its enchanting melodies provide an own splendor above the aggressiveness that continues to punish us, moving to the next track Footprints Of The Lost Child with the same aggressiveness comes with its dense structure, which strikes us with tight and heavy riffs, torturous drumming, and harrowing vocals. Its mesmerizing rhythms are woven with velocity and aggressiveness that continues to overwhelm us with fear and sadness, before anchoring into a beautiful and cinematic soundscape also an evicative acoustic guitar sections that provides a peace of soul. Those Who Stand Still arrive to pour out all the anger and sadness with tear-stained hymnal sung passages, simultaneously a hypnotizing guitar work and poignant synths is really touching heart. The album closes with Hymn To The Woeful Hearts, a soundtrack that represents the whole album presented through melancholic guitar work and heartbreaking synths that express all the anxiety, pain, sadness and leave us in eternal sorrow and misery.

Hymn To The Woeful Hearts has successfully unite an emotion, anger, and sadness into a majestic and beauty black metal music with a dramatic, melancholic, and cinematic soundscape wrapped in a frosty and dark atmosphere along with eerie vocals, enchanting guitar work, evocative acoustic passages, poignant synths, and great drum performances. The production is very clear and excellent with a brilliant songwriting. This is a black metal album that can plunge us into deep sadness with its gloomy melodies and then let us sink into eternal sorrow and misery. Really incredible album that deserve more attentions.