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Review: Pyrrhic Salvation - Manifestum I (2022)

Virginia based Technical/dissonant death metal band Pyrrhic Salvation will release debut EP is called Manifestum I on February 18th, 2022. This project features members of Veilburner and Carcinomic, and this EP is a great offering for them to introduce their musicalities.

This EP begins with Void Mass Revolution, an instantly stomping track with high aggressiveness that spews sharp technical attacks and the burst of dark dissonant. The cruel vocals became even more terrifying as the craziness peaked, then a lethal solo is released to break the gripping darkness. A Martyr... an interlude with its dark melodies that bridges to the next track Never Awaken, a song that offers a deeply hypnotic structure with a series of complex and sharp guitar riffs, terrible vocals, and devastating drums . They uncompromisingly continue to torment us with slashing and swirling melodies, then exploding along with a heady technical force that intensely attacks us with high level of velocity and complexity. Revelations (of Agonies to Come) comes with a high aggressiveness that combines dark dissonance, sharp melodies, and wild technical with the accompaniment of terrible howling vocals and drums that explode with deadly beats. With a solid composition the band manages to create a pure brutality that brings us to the final track Those That Dwell that closes the album, they strikes with the intensity of its intricate riffs by bringing out a lot of technical elements in it, then a stabbing guitar solos approaching us with its sombre melodies and brings us to the end of a journey full of darkness and chaos.

Manifestum I is an amazing offering from the band that delivers a solid amalgam of vicious technical, dark dissonance, and slashing melodies that packed in the form of evil death metal. Everything well executed featuring a series of sharp and intricate guitar riffs, monstrous vocals, devastating drums, and wrapped in a gripping atmosphere. The songwriting is brilliant with great production, it's a very captivating debut that caught my attentions the first time I listened.