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Favorite Albums Of February 2022

Continuing what I usually do at the end of the month, in this edition, again I share my favorite album that become my choice, once again I emphasize that if your album is not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like it, because so many albums were released this month I'm having a bit of a hard to choose it, but after replaying it a few times, I think these are the albums that I think are the best that came out in February. Here's the list!

Immolation - Acts of God
They are one of the most influential bands in the death metal scene worldwide. They have a relentless and a signature sound that I never get tired of it. The new album is an epic masterpiece, featuring uncompromising death metal with a formidable composition that built from a series of sharp, dark, and complex guitars riffs, eerie and savage vocals, incredible bass lines, devastating drum performances, and a lot of charming, invigorating, and even astonishing guitar solos. The songwriting is very brilliant that supported by incredible craftsmanship of each member. The production is outstanding with the superb sound selection. This album is an authentic proof that they are still an extraordinary icons for the development of death metal so far. This is their longest album in terms of duration and number of songs, and in my opinion this is their best offering.

Allegaeon - Damnum
It's felt never enough, bored, and tired to love them, because in every album they are always amazing. In this new album they keep on spoiling us with a bunch of melodic guitar solos that are astonishing, heart-touching, hypnotizing and even intoxicating. Everything built on a varied structure along with complex, catchy, and epic guitar riffs, evocative acoustic parts, varied and well-combined vocals, excellent bass performances, and torturous drumming. The songwriting is brilliant with top-notch production. This is an extraordinary masterpiece from them who are able to reach the highest level of technical and melodic death metal music. It becomes something unique and invigorating that they offer and serve in this album. Really outstanding album.

The Devils Of Loudun - Escaping Eternity
They took us into a dramatic journey with a diversity of melodies and simphonies in this album. Yeah, this is a great interpretation form of combinations between epic melodic death metal, symphonic metal, and technical death metal. They execute all influences in this album incredibly. The guitar riffs are catchy, beauty, crunchy, and tight, the keyboards are melancholic and flickering, the vocals are solid and powerful, the bass performances are excellent, also the drum are dense and incredible. The songwriting is really brilliant with perfect and outstanding productions. I love everything from this album, so I will back to repeat this album again and again, it's a fuckin awesome.

Persefone - Metanoia
This band always brings a fond memories in each album, on this new album they take us into a gloomy and atmospheric journey through a dramatic, melancholic, and cinematic soundscape, beautifully written in progressive death metal music which rich in sweet melodies. The vocals mix is incredible, and the songwriting is clever and brilliant with outstanding productions. ​I think this is a perfect album from start to finish that has touched my soul, and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Surely, this will be a great masterpiece this year, so don't ask anything again, just check out this album if you like sweet and epic progressive death metal.

Emulsified - Apocalypse
This is the successor of their amazing debut EP, in this album their music has evolved into something more weighty, in terms of their arrangement featuring a more technical and progressive structure, but not losing their brutality and aggressiveness side. The songwriting is very dense and complex with great production. They have mutated and transformed into a horrific monsters that ready to devour you anytime with the intensity of their music. Really solid album, I'll be back.

Near Death Condition - Ascent from the Mundane
One of the bands that decided to return and rise from the long hiatus this year. This new album treat the longing of the fans with an onslaught of intricate technical death metal music that melted with chaotic melodies and bursts of dissonance in some parts, along with tight, heavy, complex guitar riffs, torturous and distracting vocals, heavy bass lines, and punitive and uncompromising drum performances. Through this album they reassure us together that they are alive and still as threatening as ever, this is a great comeback.

Embryonic Devourment - Heresy of the Highest Order
What amazing comeback from this band, how not awesome because as we knew together, they'd been asleep too long, and I thought they'd end up just like that. Eight years is their hermitage to producing a superb album, offering solid technical death metal with catchy guitar riffs, fierce vocal, and the devastating drum works. Yeah, it's a good album that deserve to check it.

WAIT - The End of Noise
This is a fantastic debut album, they penetrated not only on the highest levels of progressive death metal but also of the progressive metal scene. The album features tight, complex, and heavy guitar riffs, the bass performances are excellent, the drums have an intricate and dense structure, and the placement of the vocal combinations is dazzling and harmonious. The songwriting is clever and brilliant with an unpredictable structure that supported by incredible craftmanship from each member, and the production is outstanding. Don't sleep with this stuff, as they offer a very invigorating form of death metal, you should check this one out.

The Last Of Lucy - Moksha
This is a form of musical exploration that has been continuously developed by the band in recent times and they manage to born a composition that is both menacing and devastating by highlighting velocity, density, and complexity mixed with high aggressiveness. This is a technical death metal album with a variety of grooves and rhythms, featuring some interesting elements with the right dose, so that it produces delightful and tasteful music. So, prepare your self to enjoy this incisive extremity with all its complexities and grooves alike. Great job and great offers.

Brood Of Hatred - The Golden Age
It's a very solid album, skilfully they mix an interesting ingredients such as progressive, dissonant, and melodic into a death metal dish that will become addictive, along with a great compositions that built by amazing instrumentations and supported by solid vocals performances. The songwriting is so brilliant and the production so outstanding, it's an album that deserves more appreciations.

Venom Prison - Erebos
This is an improvisation of the previous album, where this album brings more piercing, hypnotizing, intoxicating, and soaring melodies. The guitar riffs are heavy, crunchy, tasty, and dense, the vocals are solid and powerful, the bass are thundering, and the drums are devastating, also the songwriting is brilliant with very tight production. If you know them you will get a different sensation from the previous album and if you don't know them just listen to their music and swallow it, because this is an album that is very addictive with all its compositions.

Soliloquium - Soulsearching
This is an album that is more mature in terms of songwriting, they present more of a romantic and melancholic feel that doesn't lose its aggressive side. This album is a perfect combination of melodic death doom metal and progressive metal that builds on a series of catchy guitar riffs, a perfect combination of screams, growls, and clean vocals, excellent bass performances, blaring drums, and hypnotic guitar solos that indulge us with the beauty of its melodies. The production is very clean which makes this album more accessible and digestible. Yeah, I think this is a more interesting album than their previous releases. Really recommended.

Abhoria - Abhoria
This is an outstanding blackened death metal album with a lot of melodic diversity, dark tremolos, and great technical touches. Pretty engaging in my opinion in the terms of songwriting and productions, the music is really punishing and torturous. The guitar riffs are murky, catchy, sharp, and epic, the vocals are solid, and the drum works is simply awesome. This is a self-titled debut album of them that definetely deserve more appreciations, because this is fuckin amazing releases. Highly recomended to check this one.

Cantu Ignis - Enslaved By Volition
This band gives an extraordinary journey that is poured into the form of an amazing album, they constantly spoil us with a bunch of guitar solos that are astonishing, invigorating, hypnotizing, and intoxicating. The epic and magnificent symphonies, as well as its captivating melodies dance along with a series of catchy, crunchy, and tight guitar riffs, solid vocals, excellent bass, and powerful drums. The songwriting is brilliant with a majestic, glorious, and melancholic soundscape, also the production is absolutely outstanding. For me this is a truly phenomenal album that deserves more attentions. I absolutely love this album and never get enough to enjoy it over and over again.

Pyrrhic Salvation - Manifestum I
This is an amazing offering from the band that delivers a solid amalgam of vicious technical, dark dissonance, and slashing melodies that packed in the form of evil death metal. Everything well executed featuring a series of sharp and intricate guitar riffs, monstrous vocals, devastating drums, and wrapped in a gripping atmosphere. The songwriting is brilliant with great production, it's a very captivating debut that caught my attentions the first time I listened.

Fall Of Stasis - The Chronophagist
This is an enchanting debut album featuring a lovely amalgam of melodic death metal, black metal, folk metal, symphonic metal, and progressive metal. Everything is executed in a charming manner through a series of fast, catchy and epic guitar riffs, excellent bass performances, twinkling keyboards, varied vocals, and energetic drums. They also constantly spoiling us stunning, invigorating, and even astonishing guitar solos that are scattered on every track. The songwriting is truly unique and majestic with the support of outstanding production. This is an album that really captivated me which gave a climactic satisfaction till the end, you should check it out.

Pure Wrath - Hymn To The Woeful Hearts
Through this album they has successfully unite an emotion, anger, and sadness into a majestic and beauty black metal music with a dramatic, melancholic, and cinematic soundscape wrapped in a frosty and dark atmosphere along with eerie vocals, enchanting guitar work, evocative acoustic passages, poignant synths, and great drum performances. The production is very clear and excellent with a brilliant songwriting. This is a black metal album that can plunge us into deep sadness with its gloomy melodies and then let us sink into eternal sorrow and misery. Really incredible album that deserve more attentions.


Angel Rising - Immortal Volition
This is an excellent offering from this project that delivers fear, cruelty, and torture embodied in a vile death metal form with a series of fast technical, epic and dark melodies, also dense, complex progressive elements. The songwriting is quite unique that balanced with a fairly good production. The varying tempo can be confusing at times and it's hard to predict where the direction is going, but overall it's a great death metal album, worth checking out and enjoying.

Devoured Elysium - Void Grave
This Turkish death metal band tried to present something sick and heavy on their second album, where previously their debut album received quite a positive response. In this album they delivers a ruthless blend of brutality, slam, and technicality with a huge groovy into a lethal weapon. A series of fast, complex, and thick guitar riffs alternately destroy our defenses along with disgusting vocals, heavy bass lines, and torturous drumming. This is a very massive form of punishment through the density of its structure with varying tempos. It's an uncompromize and unmerciful brutality, really recommended.

Autosarcophagy - Dolor
This is a very solid album that offering blackened death metal music with atmosphere here and there, dark dissonance, and occasionally melodic. The guitar riffs are grimmy, heavy, dirty, sometimes complex and chaotic, the vocals are nasty and disgusting, the bass performances are catchy and incredible, and the drums are torturous and devastating. This album gives the maximum effect of horror with a soundscape that is bleak, sinister, and harrowing. The songwriting is very unique with great production. This is a great offering from this band, I absolutely love it.