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Review: Agathodaimon - The Seven (2022)

Agathodaimon is return after 9 years vaccuum with new album is called The Seven that was released by Napalm Records on March 18th, 2022. It's their seventh studio album on their career since they formed in 1995, and this is a big surprise for fans that has missed with them.

La Haine opens the album aggresively, a long horrifying vocal howl as if to signal that they have been pent up anger for a long time to spit out. The music structure is so beautiful, with dynamic guitar riffs adorning every corner of this song and the impressive clean vocals are enough to give me goosebumps, it's really a song that touches my heart right away in this first offers, then Ain't Death Grand comes with a majestic composition, presenting a luxurious symphony that fuses with a captivating melody. The immersive guitar solo seems to give a feeling of deep sadness and disappointment, before the song moves quickly again which brings us to the track Wolf Within, a song that has an epic structure built from a series of effective and dynamic guitars, where vocals are full of anger evokes our deepest emotions followed by a mesmerizing guitar solo that lulls us with a beautiful melody to the end with an amazing clean vocal accompaniment. Ghosts Of Greed comes with a gripping atmosphere featuring dark and gloomy guitar riffs, gorgeous bass performances, captivating vocal mixes, and devastating drums, while its blazing guitar solos seem to reveal a heavy metal influence that blended in just the right dose, continued by Mother Of All Gods which has a grand and luxurious symphony and great gothic vocals with a slightly slow tempo but very intoxicating. This is a track that has its own sensation when this song is sung that leaves a mark on our hearts with feelings that are hard to explain, that is what we will experience too in Estrangement, a song that carries a sad and worrying feeling that is hard to describe. The song is built on melancholic notes with a somber dissonance that slips between its majestic symphony and subtle progressive foundations, an emotional track I guess. In My Dreams (Part 1 - Prelude), a short composition filled with a melancholy and dramatic melody that connects us to the track In My Dreams (Part 2 - In Bitterness), which immediately stomp with a harrowing vocal explosion, accompanied by a somber and gloomy guitar riffs, also the blaring drums. The track also features dazzling clean vocals and incredible guitar solos that grace the song to the very end. Kyrie / Gloria, a song that plays gripping notes wrapped in an eerie atmosphere, where the horrific vocals incessantly spread fright and darkness that continues to haunt, before The Divine arrives to close the album with an epic and elegant composition, and this is the longest song that performed on this record. It's a peak of anger that they pour out with soaring emotions that lead us to the end of a dark journey and leave us in a sadness that will stick until the end.

The Seven is easily the strongest release in their already solid catalog. It's an album that has a variety of elements, from diabolical black metal to depressing passages, grand symphonies, subtle progressive touches, a gothic atmosphere, and some heavy metal influences, especially I love every melodic guitar solos that are captivating. The production is simply amazing with epic songwriting. An album capable of evoking and exploding emotions and anger at the same time. Really impressive.