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Review: Arkaik - Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts (2022)

5 years was become a hibernation time for Arkaik and get an extraordinary metamorphosis in its musicality since their last releases Nemethia (2017). After being left by several members, it didn't stop their passion to create amazing music, the inclusion of new member slightly changed the composition and style of their music, but don't worry they are still band with great musicianship. With this new formation they are return and drop their sixth album is called Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts which was released by The Artisan Era on March 11th, 2022. This album became a milestone for their revival to keep working and produce sensational music.

The album begins with The Orphion Descent which opens with a whimsical sampling before an amazing melody welcomes along with solid guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and amazing drums. Its music plot is really heady with great dynamics and harmonies, then stinging guitar solo comes to tear us mercilessly, then Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts strikes with a crisper melody that is conjured up into something killer, the musical structure is very dense that built from a series of heavy and thick guitar riffs with blind complexity, its very energetic vocals seem to be the leader to launch their aggression. Meanwhile, the astonishing guitar solo appears in the midst of the density and intense onslaught of its music to create tremendous beauty. Abode Of The Deceiver, a track that has high aggressiveness where velocity, complexity, and beauty are fused into one in ruthless technicality. They also strike with menacing melodies accompanied by incisive and intricate guitar riffs before the slashing guitar solos come to punish us to the end and lead us to the next track Broken Glass Apotheum, a song that has a catchy rhythm made up by a barrage of dense and tight guitar riffs that woven with heavy bass, and crushing drums along with terrifying vocals. In this song they also feature lovely sampling cuts that make the track sound even more fantastical and dramatic, then a poignant guitar solo pops up to reveal their melancholic side and create an awesome transition that connects us to the next song Wayward Opulence moving sweetly that offers captivating melodies and beautiful harmonies with great dynamics melding together with catchy technicality with an extraordinary progressive foundation. This track emphasizes the perfect riffage, while the guitar solo is only used to strengthen the arrangement so as to produce a magnificent composition. To Summon Amoria, a song that hypnotizes us with its melancholic melody that embellished with sad and wistful guitar riffs, superb bass performances, solid vocals, and blaring drums. Although this song exudes poignancy but has a very aggressive and dense structure. While the heart-touching guitar solo really makes us lulled by the emotions contained here, it's an extraordinary song, then The Vertical Road arrived with technicality and melodies that immediately caught my attention, the excellent pitch selection was able to immerse us in a calm atmosphere. This is the longest track on the album, which allows the band to continue to indulge us with instrumental performances from each member. Its endlessly sweeping guitar solos amazed me until unconscious we were pushed to the final track on this album Eminence Emergence, that opens with a glorious chorus and then greeted with a dense technicality that built from a series of sharp, complex, and dense guitar riffs along with energetic vocals, solid drumming, and some great samplings appear to solidify the arrangement. While the stunning guitar solo performances alternate to spoil us until the end to achieve a flawless satisfaction.

Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts is another brilliant records from them, the songwriting in this album maybe slightly different but it's wonderful. You will be spoiled with a series of incisive, tight, sweet, catchy, and superb guitar riffs in the whole this album, along with solid vocals, excellent bass performances and incredible drums. It's a top tier of technical death metal with stunning productions and glorious songwriting, undeniable.