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Review: Azaab - Summoning The Cataclysm (2022)

Pakistani progressive death metal group Azaab will release the debut album is called Summoning The Cataclysm via Satanath Records and Maxima Music Pro on April 15th, 2022. I'm so excited to listen this album.

The album opens with Pandemonium Twilight, a sweet introduction that reveals the beauty and provides a warm up before Carbon Plague comes with a solid musical structure, the band tries to combine death metal with progressive elements and glorious melodies, which are executed to the fullest. I love its sharp guitar solos that arrives to slash us mercilessly with twisty melodies, then A Hollow Pact following with a neater musical structure, featuring crispy guitar riffs, solid vocals, and tight drums. While the fiery guitar solos burn us with a blazing melody and send us to the next track Preachers Of Hate, a song that accentuate a rotating melodies mixed with a very thick progressive seasoning, resulting in a very mature death metal dish that is ready to be devoured with great taste, before When Worlds Collide came with a heady beat, where they managed to weave technical, melodic, and progressive gracefully into a captivating composition over a dense death metal structure. The amazing guitar solos never cease to hypnotize us with beautiful notes until we are lulled by this indulgent temptation. The Infernal Citadel, a very captivating song featuring a heavier and denser structure that built by a series of tight guitar riffs, powerful vocals, solid bass, and energetic drums. This track also features guest musician Phil Tougas (First FragmentChthe'ilist, VoidCeremony, Atramentus, Funebrarum, etc) who fills the leads very beautiful, he mercilessly slashes us with a shredding lead which is greeted by a soaring guitar solo which is the best presentation on this album, then Trophies Of Flesh comes with an immersive intro, where melancholic guitar notes are knitted together with incredible bass, then exploded with furious vocals accompanied by a barrage of thick guitar riffs and powerful drums, while sharp guitar solos gripped us with cruel and intoxicating melody. The Empty Throne, a song from one of the death metal masters Decapitated, which is played very well and according to their style into a track that is no less cool and deserves to be enjoyed, before B.L.O.O.D.B.O.R.N arrived to close this album with a very aggressive structure, they launched a deadly attack with fast and precise guitar riffs, fierce vocals, solid drums, and heavy bass. Then a captivating guitar solo leads us to the end of this extraordinary show with complex satisfaction.

Summoning The Cataclysm is the dazzling debut album by a band from a country that is under-radar in the extreme music scene, particularly death metal. But that's not the limit for them to create a captivating music, on this album they offer a progressive death metal with an amazing melodic and technical touch that woven through a series of fast and complex guitar riffs, excellent bass, and energetic drums, along with powerful and solid vocals. The songwriting is enchanting with the incredible production. This is an extraordinary effort from a band that was able to hypnotize and steal my attention the first time I listen their material. A very fascinating album with a million surprising and promising flavors, it deserves to be examined and received more attention.