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Review: Desolate Shrine - Fires Of The Dying World (2022)

Finnish death metal crew Desolate Shrine is return with new album is called Fires Of The Dying World that will be released by Dark Descent Records on March 25th, 2022. This is their fifth album on their career since they formed in 2010. Well, let's see together what they offer in this new album.

A gloomy Intro begins this album very quietly, then flows and moves towards a darker direction where Echoes In The Halls Of Vanity immediately stomping with a heavier and denser musical structure, the strains of scary notes grabbing through a series of dirty and murky guitar riffs, where the terrible howl of the vocals is accompanied by the booming thumping of the drums torture us constantly, and in the other hand its dark melodies incessantly spread the fear that continues to haunt, while The Dying World comes with a thick Old school feel shrouded in strong doom metal elements, the song has a catchy and exciting structure in which dense guitar riffs are woven together with solid drums, ferocious vocals, and heavy bass. This track also slowly crawls to the peak of eternal pleasure without losing its aggressiveness which continues to flare up to the end. The Silent God opens with a sweet classical guitar strum that brings a glimmer of light before the darkness takes over again, then blows up with vile instrumentation and savage vocals. This is the longest track on this album, that allowing the band to continue deliver a dread through a ghastly and tense tones that alternately punishing us with its savagery, then Cast To Walk The Star Of Sorrow thrill my nape feather through its dark and harrowing composition, this track was enough to give me goosebumps when a series of somber guitar riffs along with eerie vocals was released like a black spell casting a cruel magic that would curse and hypnotize us to helpless and then executed for an offering to the darkness, then followed by My Undivided Blood that spouting a misery etched in from the start, where a prologue and eerie laughs welcoming the cruelty that born of its heavy and dragging guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, and crushing drums. This track reveals the dreary doom metal and black metal influences that melt into violent death metal compositions at a slow tempo that doesn't lose its grisly side and grows even more fertile to terrorize us ruthlessly. Meanwhile, its slashing guitar solo came to indicate that this torture would never end. The album closes with The Furnace Of Hope, a cruel and sharp track that strikes us with its very aggressive musical structure. This song features an atrocious composition that built with dark dissonance, gloomy melodies, and diabolical black metal elements that melted into a frightening death metal form, then leads and accompanies us towards the end of a very dark journey and leaves us in a void dimension.

Fires Of The Dying World is a very vile album, they mercilessly launch a horrific death metal attack featuring varied elements, such as black metal and doom metal that fused with somber melodies and dark dissonance. This album accentuate the darkness which they will continue to worship and guard to create a terror that will continue to haunt us. The production is excellent with solid songwriting. This is a great comeback of them that offering more challenging and menacing compositions, I hope you guys don't sleep with this stuff.