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Review: Falls Of Rauros - Key To A Vanishing Future (2022)

Falls Of Rauros is a black metal band that formed in 2005 at Portland, ME. This band return with their sixth album is called Key To A Vanishing Future that was released on March 25th, 2022 by Gilead Media.

Clarity opened this album with a very cold composition, they managed to weaved beautiful notes wrapped in a cooling atmosphere that was able to tame the ferocity of black metal. The structure of the music is very soothing with its seductive rhythm that is able to seduce our minds with a breath of enchanting melodies, then Desert Of Heart came with a darker composition, they balance the melody and dynamics over the onslaught of cruel black metal, by knitting fresh and soft guitar riffs, eerie vocals, great bass performance, and energetic drums, while the invigorating guitar solos are pampers us with a dazzling melody, before the song moves towards a dramatic ending and connects us to the track Survival Poem, a song that evoke the rages of band that marked by furious vocals, menacing guitar works, and crushing drums. The structure of this song is more aggressive than before but they don't take away the soothing parts that remain attached to the composition presented. Known World Narrows, a song that has a heavy and complex structure built from a series of sharp and dense guitar riffs that fused with beautiful melodies wrapped in a fresh atmosphere and intoxicating rhythm, while its angry vocals constantly spread the cruelty that will continue to envelop until the end, before Daggers In Floodlight arrives to capture us in the embrace of its drifting melodies, it is the longest song on the album that allows the band to create a chilling sonority that will lull us with the beauty of its musical compositions and will blow us away. The album closes with the Poverty Hymn, a perfect song to end this memorable journey by displaying beauty, cruelty, and majesty that is shaped into a truly enchanting composition. This song is a beautiful blend of black metal, folk music, and melody based on a progressive foundation that is cultivated with the right dose. This is a beautiful ending of what is offered in this album, of course giving a maximum satisfaction.

Key To A Vanishing Future is a very invigorating album, they are able to thaw the cruelty of black metal with beautiful melodies, great dynamics, and a frosty atmosphere. This album showcases the perfect fusion of black metal and folk music with a bit of progressive touch that has just the right dose. The songwriting of this album is more strenuous, intricate, and epic that supported by an outstanding production. It's a very appetizing album that deserves more appreciation.