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Review: Gorebringer - Terrified Beyond Measure (2022)

Gorebringer is a Melodic death metal band that formed in London, England in 2017, this band was released the sophomore album is called Terrified Beyond Measure through Great Dane Records on March 4th, 2022.

The album begins with The Bottomless Pit, a song that instantly stings with deadly venom that emanates from a very solid melody, its energetic and uplifting musical structure featuring a parade of catchy guitar riffs, savage vocals, and powerful drums. While the stunning guitar solos really dope us with a crazy dose, then Man To Beast comes with a twisty melody that breathes technicality into its menacing and intoxicating structure, where fast and dense guitar riffs alternately slash us with fantastic notes, really amazing track. Terrified Beyond Measure, a beautifully flowing track filled with captivating melodies, its energetic structure delivers fast and tight guitar riffs along with powerful vocals and solid drums, then astounding guitar solos emerge behind the warmth of their music, which allows the band to create a romantic sonority, followed by The Evil Ones which has a very aggressive structure, where the frightening vocal howls immediately threaten with burning anger. The astonishing melodies continue to slash us with torturous tunes, and on this track they also add some dark sampling, until the jaw-dropping guitar solos come to punish us with cruelty that continues to grow until the end, before Moon Circle comes to deliver an eerie atmosphere through a short composition that are lacerating, then leads us to the next track A Blackened Circle, a track that opens with a melancholy intro and then weaves into a cruel composition built from a series of sharp and dark guitar riffs, terrible vocals, heavy bass, and crushing drums. The outburst of emotions and anger on this track is more felt to pierce the deepest heart. Necro Mess, a great instrumental song thaat instantly rips us apart with a tearing and piercing melody. It's like a song designed to showcase a incredible craftmanship of each members in executing the instrumentation being played, it's really amazing, and the album closes with Flesh Feast, a song that has a heavy, dense, and precise structure. In this song they seem to explode all their anger and launch their final attack with full power before over beautifully with a charming guitar solo that spoils us to the end.

Terrified Beyond Measure is an excellent album filled with astonishing, twisty, fantastic, and heart-touching melodies peppered with a touch of straightforward and menacing technicality. It's all ruthlessly executed through fast, sharp, and dense guitar riffs, powerful vocals, great bass, and blazing drums. What a captivating album with straightforward songwriting and outstanding production. Really recommended.