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Review: Hath - All That Was Promised (2022)

I became fans of Hath since I listened to Hive (2015) and Of Rot And Ruin (2019), because they have an unique and memorable sound. Their new album is called All That Was Promised is one of my most anticipated album this year, this album is going to be released on March 4th, 2022 by Willowtip Records.

The album opens with The Million Violations, a track that slowly blows a chilly atmosphere followed by a gloomy melodic and dark progressive section that wraps us in a haunting and ghastly nuances, then its somber solo section spout eerie tones, then Kenosis attacks with high aggressiveness that fused into the majestic composition, and its defiant structure unveils the menacing parts, then a terrifying howl is joined with a ruthless scream before a slashing guitar solo comes that tearing us apart with its sharp and vicious melodies, as if not giving the slightest cracks for us to breathe until the end. Another great track is Lithopedic, which rages fast with dense musical structure, high complexity, and sharp harmonics, then explodes along with chunky riffs, devastating drums, and terrifying vocals that wrapped with a dark and chilling atmospheres. When it all boils over unbearable, they are releasing it with strong energy, then Iosis comes with dark harmonies, the song immediately sinks into perfect and horrifying power while creating a mysterious and heavy sonority that produced from its series of dark guitar riffs, straightforward vocals, and torturous drumming, while the jaw-dropping solos come with a twist of intense technicality that resonates through to the end, before Decollation comes to bursting a powerful and haunting darkness. Its sinister composition stabs and rips us apart with its ruthless structure, a string of sharp guitar riffs accompanying gruesome vocals that never cease to sow fear, then an excellent bass performance comes to give us a little breather before a terrifying melody roars back and closes the song with a ghastliness. Death Complex, a track that focused on a darkness fused with strong progressive elements that built on dreary and somber guitar riffs, solid vocals, and tight drums. Meanwhile, the slashing guitar solos come to create a worrisome atmosphere and propel us onto the next track Casting Of The Self, which opens with a serene, immersive intro, then weaves with dark harmonies and wild rhythms, before a massive angger exploding with furious vocals along with a hypnotic musical structure that born from a catchy guitars riffs and superb drums plays, while their stunning clean vocals reveal their progressive side that permeates the entire composition. All That Was Promised opens with a somber intro and a gloomy melody before the music moving to a menacing and punishing section that erupts in big fury that centered on its eerie vocals with accompaniment of the dark and murky guitar riffs that lead us to the ending of album with Name Them Yet Build No Monument, the longest track on the album, allowed the band to rage out of control with anger running high. This track has a very aggressive structure that formed from a series of sharp and dense guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, and solid drums along with terrifying vocal that continuously roars to spread a boundless hatred then lead and leave us in the void.

All That Was Promised is a truly extraordinary masterpiece and the next sequel to their debut album. I fell in love with every aspect of this album, which features blackened death metal music with a dark progressive touch and a dreary melody that built on a series of dark, moody, and dramatic guitar riffs, incredible bass performances, and solid drumming, along with the eerie vocals and astonishing, heart-touching, and invigorating guitar solos. The compositions on this album are more mature than ever with classy songwriting, menacing structure, and impeccable production. This is an album that written with emotional depth of each member which evokes anger that continues to overflow with boundless aggressiveness. So, without any complaints and doubts, this is one of the best albums that come in the first half of this year that slowly creeping into my end list.