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Review: Izthmi - Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind (2022)

Seattle, Washington based Progressive black metal group Izthmi returns to continues their aggression by releasing their second album is called Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind via Satanik Royalty Records on March 4th, 2022. It is the follow-up to their impressive debut album The Arrows Of Our Ways (2020) that got a great response. Okay, let's watch it together what they offer in this new album.

The album begins with Ever Beneath His Gaze (He Will Drown The World In His Tears), a brief introduction that provides a strange sound that propels us to the track The Shadows Of Our Disillusionment, a track that opens with a challenging melody and is greeted with howls of scary vocals, before the strains of a gloomy tone appear to overwhelm us with a dramatic and melancholic soundscape that is shrouded in a very frosty atmosphere and supported by a strong progressive foundation. This song has a catchy composition that born of a series of cold and dark guitar riffs, terrible vocals, catchy bass performances, and amazing drums, while its gripping melody delivers a fear that will continue to haunt until the dreary ending brings us in the void. To Know, a tranquil energy that presented by the band that brings a dramatic soundscape and becomes a connecting bridge to the next track The Laughable Semblance Of Freedom, a track that has a gorgeous arrangement that built from a series of epic and beautiful guitar riffs, solid vocals, and heavy drums. This is a black metal composition that adopts many progressive elements that blended with a cold atmosphere, then the charming guitar solo arrives to spoil us with its beautiful melodic richness, then the band brings back a weird sound on the track I Bleed With The Wind that drive us into It's As If It Were, a vile tantrum that relentlessly bombards us with deadly attacks with ever-increasing aggressiveness, executed through lines of vicious and fast guitar riffs, horrific vocals, heavy bass, and punishing drums. This track has a menacing structure featuring a strong progressive section that echoing until the end. Leaving This World, an epic composition that brings a serenity through catchy instrumentation that lets us recharge energy before we meet with Leaving It All Behind, a track that closes this album with its density composition that melted into a vicious attack made up of a bunch of dark and bleak guitar riffs, eerie vocals, and crushing drums. This is the longest track on the album that allows the band to seize the moment to devour us with all its might and send us into another dimension full of enveloping pain.

Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind is a well-written black metal album, featuring various elements such as progressive metal, melodic, post metal, and frosty atmosphere. It's all beautifully executed through a series of dark and epic guitar riffs, eerie vocals, excellent bass, and punishing drums. This is the second attempt of the band to try offering something fresh and unique in the worldwide black metal scene through their musicality with outstanding expertise of each member. The songwriting is exquisite with clear production. The album is quite grab attention and evoke the emotions that are stimulated through a promising composition. Really invigorating album that worth to checking out.