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Review: Konvent - Call Down The Sun (2022)

Danish Death doom metal queens Konvent are return with new album is called Call Down The Sun that was released by Napalm Records on March 11th, 2022. This album are the next level of their musicalities and follow up their debut album Puritan Masochism (2020). Let's enjoy together the new offer of them.

Into The Distance begins this album with a heavy and dreary composition, they are offering a deep dissonance that melded into dark death doom metal music with some enchanting stoner influences along with heavy guitar riffs, chilling vocals, as well as heavy bass and drum lines. This song moves slowly with a deadly charge that is maliciously executed, then moves on to Sand Is King, a song that has a heavy and aggressive structure, that revealing a worrying black metal element with a string of rattling guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, solid bass, and thundering drums. This song has an impressive and weighty oundation that will be ready to strike us with its deadly blow, before In The Soot comes to bring a deep sadness with a melancholic feel and a slowing rhythm along with a gripping melody that is placed on top of a devastating structure. This song slowly drags and drowns us in an oppressive and heartbreaking condition until the end. while Grains breaks through with terrifying power by bringing a mystery that thrives on a painful condition that builds on a somber and murky guitar riffs, furious vocals, heavy bass, and torturous drumming. This song manages to create darkness that flows above amazing notes that wrapped in a dark dissonance. Fatamorgana, a composition that rooted in slashing melodies and dark doom influences. This song is able to present and create an intoxicating and booming sound that will hypnotic us to the end with alarming energy, before the band offers us a brief respite with Interlude, a short instrumental track that evokes a sad and dramatic atmosphere and then leads us to the next track Never Rest, a song that has dreary harmonics and eerie dynamics, which allows the band to create a thick fog which makes us even more astray in the darkness and emptiness, before Pipe Dreams came to delivers a massive hatred that intertwined in an oppressive structure, but on the other side this song also offers a captivating energy with solid black metal elements and a charming progressive touch that will make us hooked continously. The album closes with Harena, a spacious track that has a melodious structure made up from a series of epic guitar riffs, powerful vocals, excellent bass, and solid drums. This song also moves with sweetness that will melt us with a dramatic and melancholic melody that will lead us to the end of a journey full of anxiety and restlesness.

Call Down The Sun is a captivating death doom metal album, built on a solid composition with touches of some progressive elements and black metal in just the right dose, it also features worrying dissonance, melancholic melodies, and dramatic doom metal. It's all executed with a sinister, heavy, and aggressive structure that delivering a series of dark, somber, and murky guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, excellent bass, and blaring drums. The songwriting is catchy with the thick and amazing production. This is an album capable of diluting the oppression, darkness, and slowness in the same time with alluring rhythms. Highly recommended to check this one.