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Review: Pestilength - Basom Gryphos (2022)

Pestilength is blackened death metal duos that formed in 2018 at Basque Country, Spain by M and N. This project just releasead their sophomore album is called Basom Gryphos on March 7th, 2022 via Nuclear Winter Records.

The album begins with Tamm, a track that features raw death metal compositions with a dark atmosphere. The song is built of dirty and murky guitar riffs, sleazy vocals, and heavy drums that executed in a sinister manner into a devastating component. The structure presented is quite thick and fast, really a disgusting song, then Engtlant Suhb strikes with a ruthless rhythm through thick and rough guitar riffs with torturous drumming accompaniment. The song also burst a very chaotic dissonance along with the awful vocals. They continue their madness with Phorme, a song that has structure is very heavy and strong but also very dark and harsh. The composition didn't give the slightest break to breathe, they seemed to continued raging with anger that flare and smolder until the end, while Thelegm punishes us with dark and worrying dissonance, the track also features a series of effective guitar riffs in sync with its barbaric vocals and dense drumming. The song moves with high aggressiveness that strikes with heavy and menacing harmonization. It's the longest track on the album, allowing the band to continue to terrorize us with massive fear. Tephra Codex, an incredibly dark composition that delivering a parade of cruel and sharp guitar riffs, gruesome vocals, and blaring drums. This song has its own charm through its dark dissonance fused with a thick old school influence that will crush us with its agressive structure, followed by Exertion, a song that opens with a spicy intro and then stomping with a barrage of chaotic guitar riffs, furious vocals, and intense drumming. The song has an intoxicating beat with a few dissonant chords surging slowly along with a somber and haunting melody. Chrome, a deeply chaotic yet hypnotizing song that will spoil us with some technical and old school elements melting along with a dark dissonance that will poison us unmercifully, before Vexed comes to close the album and bring a massive darkness into its composition. They bewitch us with terrifying energy by displaying messy dissonance fused with several supportive elements into one horrific force that will haunt and threaten us to the very end.

Basom Gryphos is really disgusting and nasty album, that delivers a harsh, raw, and filthy blackened death metal with some chaotic, dark, and worrying dissonance, also haunting melodies and sinister atmospheres throughtout this album. The guitar riffs are murky and dirty, the vocals are eerie, and the drums are really punishing. The songwriting is unique that supported with pretty good productions. Overall, it's a solid and menacing album, really recommended.