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Review: Saeva - All We've Lost We Carry With Us (2022)

Saeva is a progressive post black metal band that formed in 2018 at Denver, Colorado. This project was released debut album is called All We've Lost We Carry With Us on March 20th, 2022.

The album opens with Wish, a short compositions featuring quiet acoustic guitar playing along with a slice of repeated clean vocals that wrapped with a cold post metal gust that brings us to the next track Dismantled//Dismayed, a fantastic song woven from a mix of fresh post metal, frosty black metal, and solid death metal with progressive metal as the foundation and supporting force. This song moves beautifully featuring crunchy arrangement along with excellent vocal performance, it's a really impressive song. Low, a song that has a majestic and beautiful structure, the guitar riff is catchy with a fresh tone selection, the vocals display a great combination with a perfect mix of clean vocals, screams, and growls, while the drums are very effective at delivering a light yet deadly beat. Then the dark ambient part accompanies us to the track Disconsolate, an instrumental composition that stirs the imagination and provokes emotions to overflow with a calming melody that based by strong progressive embracing. Semblance Of You emerges from the silence bringing soothing power through a series of soft and beautiful guitar riffs, superb bass playing, powerful drums, and solid vocals. While the sexy saxophone part comes to provide a comfort and make the performance even more elegant, and slowly the song moves towards the end with the closing of the invigorating acoustic guitar section, then Follow Me comes to exhale the stilness that emanates from its melancholic rhythm and soothing music structure wrapped in a chill atmosphere. This track show a mix of tranquil clean vocals and a ferocious growls that conjured into an impressive performance, before All We've Lost We Carry With Us closes this album with a melancholic and dramatic instrumentation through its sad melody that drowns us in the void.

All We've Lost We Carry With Us is an excellent show featuring a perfect balance of post black metal, progressive metal, and a fresh death metal twist. This album invites us to enjoy the gust of fresh air that we will breathe from start to the end through the presentation of fresh, crisp and soft guitar riffs, serene acoustic guitar sections, amazing bass performances, solid drums, and varied vocal mixes. There is also a sexy saxophone appearance that makes the show even more luxurious and elegant. The songwriting is fantastic with an amazing production. This is an album that is able to stir the imagination and evoke the emotions of the listeners at the same time. What a soothing album that provides a memorable listening experience.