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Review: Urushiol - Pools Of Green Fire (2022)

Urushiol is Experimental death metal project from Mahopac, New York that formed by A.DeMaria (Yellow Eyes, Morbid Sphere, Anicon). This project just released the debut album is called Pools Of Green Fire on February 13th, 2022.

The boisterous sound of insects begins this album with Phase Lock, a song that instantly gushes of a madness through its insanely muddled guitar riffs and rotten vocals, this track is like a deadly parasite that slowly gnaws at our bodies mercilessly, then Pillars Of Red Smoke comes spewing out a chaos through guitar riffs that are really messy, while its terrible vocals continue to spread fear that continues to haunt. Moving on to the next track, Iridescent Darkness takes us into a very experimental world with a series of chaotic guitar riffs, heavy bass guitars, and torturous rumbling of drums, while the rotten vocals only serve as a cover for madness. The song also spouts out an eerie dissonance to add to the growing ghastliness, while Curved Air opened with a very excruciating noise, the roar of the music is like a viral storm that will crash anyone who tries to block it. This is the longest composition on this album which has a heavy structure built up of knotty guitar riffs, nasty vocals, thick bass, and devastating drums. The album closed with Pools Of Green Fire, a track that erupts with chaotic dissonance and is laced with madness born of its perplexed and dirty guitar riffs, and its venomous vocals that incessantly sprinkle a poison that will continue to torture and kill us. This track will accompany us to the end of a chaotic journey and leave us to a world full of silliness.

Pools Of Green Fire is an album that is very difficult to digest overall in terms of sound, songwriting, and musical structure. This album features the chaos, fright, and silliness that born of a series of chaotic and messy guitar riffs, sleazy and nasty vocals, thick bass, and devastating drums. Everything is executed very intricately and packaged in a crazy experimental death metal form with some vile dissonance, this album is like poison and a virus that will slowly torture and kill us savagely. If you need something rotten and dirty, this album is worth checking out.