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Review: Virocracy - Ecophagia (2022)

I found Virocracy when they release debut album Irradiation on 2020, what a solid and interesting band. This year they are return with sophomore album is called Ecophagia that was released by Apostasy Records on March 25th, 2022. If you don't know them, please let me introduce them, they are German progressive death metal band that formed on 2018 at Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

Relict opens the album with a short composition that ignites the fire of passion and connects us to Devolution, a song that has a dense and heavy rhythm, featuring a parade of catchy and thick guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and tight drumming. The music structure is not too complex but fun and accessible for all listeners, then Reminisce follows with a more heady beat, this track move straight ahead with an aggressive and menacing structure, it seems they only have the goal of slaughtering and destroying what's in front of them without thinking about what's around them, while the astonishing guitar solos come to give a hope to survive from all the onslaught launched by the band, before Arboreal Sleep arrives with a highly imaginative intro, then cruel distortion takes its place to preside over the torture with fast and dense guitar riffs, solid drums, heavy bass, along with savage vocals. Befallen, a song that opens with hypnotizing guitar leads that bring the intoxicating notes, before exploding along with thumping of crushing drums and eerie vocals, while its guitar riffs offer a hypnotic and immersive patterns that allows the band to create a seductive sonority, then Bruteus Alpha strikes with a ruthlessly executed complex and chaotic structure, then slowly escalates the aggressiveness to its peak as the vocalist unleashes its unstoppable rage with fast guitar riffs and energetic drums, before an immersive guitar solo arrives with a meandering melody lead us to the next track Uproot, a song that opens with a calm rhythm featuring a string of sweet notes, before stomping along with a series of heavy and tight guitar riffs, furious vocals, thick drums, and solid bass. This song has a catchy yet threatening rhythm that is ready to stab us at any time with its aggressive and savage melody, while Denial comes with an invigorating rhythm and blends into a solid structure with an exciting beats, where the band plays an effective and fast guitar riff as the melodic roar continues to soar to the end. The album closes with Ecophagy, a song that serves as the ultimate weapon in this album, which will bombard continuously with a very heavy structure. This is the longest song on the album that has a varied tempo and moves slowly towards a happy ending and give a perfect satisfactions.

Ecophagia is an improvement over their previous album, with more mature songwriting, that featuring a series of catchy, intricate, and dense guitar riffs, excellent bass, powerful vocals, and energetic drums, all executed with a heady rhythm, solid structure , and varied tempos. It's a perfect amalgam of death metal, progressive metal, and thrash metal that peppered with menacing and twisty melodies. One thing that I find interesting is that the main vocal performance is a female but has an extraordinary and amazing technique. This is an impressive album that has great dynamics and harmonies. Worth a try.