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Favorite Albums Of March 2022

Continuing what I usually do at every month, in this edition, again I share my favorite album that become my choice, once again I emphasize that if your is not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like it, because so many albums were released in March. I'm having a bit of a hard to choose it, but after replaying it a few times, I think these are the albums that I think are the best that came out in March. Here's the list!

Hath - All That Was Promised
This is one of the great temptations from the beginning of the year, when they released the first single from this album. This is a truly extraordinary masterpiece and the next sequel to their debut album. I fell in love with every aspect of this album, which features blackened death metal music with a dark progressive touch and a dreary melody that built on a series of dark, moody, and dramatic guitar riffs, incredible bass performances, and solid drumming, along with the eerie vocals and astonishing, heart-touching, and invigorating guitar solos. The compositions on this album are more mature than ever with classy songwriting, menacing structure, and impeccable production. This is an album that written with emotional depth of each member which evokes anger that continues to overflow with boundless aggressiveness. So, without any complaints and doubts, this is one of the best albums that come in the first half of this year that slowly creeping into my end list.

Arkaik - Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts
Took five years to finally get their new album, but damn was this worth the wait. This progressive/technical death metal master are return with another brilliant records. The songwriting in this album maybe slightly different but it's wonderful. You will be spoiled with a series of incisive, tight, sweet, catchy, and superb guitar riffs in the whole this album, along with solid vocals, excellent bass performances and incredible drums. It's a top tier of technical death metal with stunning productions and glorious songwriting, undeniable.

Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade
In this debut album they plunges listeners into a room filled with fear, anxiety, and unease through their musicality, which combines death metal with black metal, technical, and dissonant elements which is brought into a more experimental direction. The songwriting is unique and engaging with an unexpected, unfriendly, and ominous structure that conjured into a disturbing complexity. This is one of the debut albums that I have been waiting for for a long time, where previously they had captured my heart through the EP that was released a few years ago, yes this is worth listening to.

Kvaen - The Great Below
This is an amazing show, where they are able to melt the anger and cruelty of black metal by melting various metal elements, such as pagan, folk, thrash, speed, and even melodic death metal which are conjured and executed with a sharp, epic, and beautiful structure. This album features so many invigorating, intoxicating, astonishing, and enchanting guitar solos that never cease to lull and spoil us. The songwriting is brilliant and more mature than ever. I think this album is the next level of the band which is able to surpass the beauty and majesty of their previous debut album, an album that is very much worth consuming. It's a great masterpiece for me.

Astral Tomb - Soulgazer
This album provides an extraordinary listening experience, where the listeners are invited to travel towards a weird cosmic dimension through a very abrasive and complex death metal offering that fused with varied elements, such as tech-death, doom metal, and old school twists. All of those compositions are executed along with intricate, chaotic and messy guitar riffs, nasty vocals, excellent bass performances, and blaring drums, as well as some weird ambient parts. The songwriting is unique with outstanding production. It's a solid album that dedicated to death metal devotees all over the world.

Deathspell Omega - The Long Defeat
I think this is an album that is very different from what we already know from them, where they always bring chaos and darkness through cruel and vile dissonance, but on the contrary in this album we will be spoiled with melancholy and beautiful melodies but they still present a dissonance with the lower dose. The songwriting on this album is more accessible and digestible for all people who are supported by an extraordinary production. It's a different offering from them but the music served is still of high quality that bring a sensation that we didn't get before.

Godless Truth - Godless Truth
This is the fifth full length from the wonderful Czechia band. Getting much catchier and powerful than ever before in my opinion. The technicality is so tight and thick, that having roots in the old school sound, the melodies is memorabe, and the songwriting is more effective and fresh than before. Overall, this band have something fresh that will offered to you, really recomended if you need an unrelentless technical death metal stuffs.

Mortify - Fragments At The Edge Of Sorrow
This is a conceptual album that invites listeners to take an impressive journey through the various parts of the sound, it's a cruel amalgamation of progressive death metal with a strong old school taste and a menacing melody. The musical structure is dense and heavy that blends with powerful beats and heady rhythms. The songwriting is attractive and aggressive featuring superb instrumentation along with energetic vocals. This album shows the power, intricaty, and poignancy in every corner that is executed in an extraordinary manner, which will create a memorable listening experience. An album that shouldn't be missed.

Desolate Shrine - Fires Of The Dying World
It's a very vile album, they mercilessly launch a horrific death metal attack featuring varied elements, such as black metal and doom metal that fused with somber melodies and dark dissonance. This album accentuate the darkness which they will continue to worship and guard to create a terror that will continue to haunt us. The production is excellent with solid songwriting. This is a great comeback of them that offering more challenging and menacing compositions, I hope you guys don't sleep with this stuff.

Hellbore - Panopticon
It's a very complex and heavy album that engraved in a dazzling technical death metal composition, where they masterfully showcase their skills that formed in sharp and dense guitar riffs, powerful vocals, incredible bass, and thunderous drum performances. The songwriting is excellent that supported with thick production. It's an album that has a strong musical structure with great dynamics and a beautiful melody packaged in a menacing technical death metal form. Highly recommended to checked and hopefully won't be missed.

Virocracy - Ecophagia
This is an improvement over their previous album, with more mature songwriting, that featuring a series of catchy, intricate, and dense guitar riffs, excellent bass, powerful vocals, and energetic drums, all executed with a heady rhythm, solid structure , and varied tempos. It's a perfect amalgam of death metal, progressive metal, and thrash metal that peppered with menacing and twisty melodies. One thing that I find interesting is that the main vocal performance is a female but has an extraordinary and amazing technique. This is an impressive album that has great dynamics and harmonies. Worth a try.

Konvent - Call Down The Sun
This is a captivating death doom metal album, built on a solid composition with touches of some progressive elements and black metal in just the right dose, it also features worrying dissonance, melancholic melodies, and dramatic doom metal. It's all executed with a sinister, heavy, and aggressive structure that delivering a series of dark, somber, and murky guitar riffs, terrifying vocals, excellent bass, and blaring drums. The songwriting is catchy with the thick and amazing production. This is an album capable of diluting the oppression, darkness, and slowness in the same time with alluring rhythms. Highly recommended to check this one.

Grand Old Wrath - Every Man For Himself
This is an album so astounding, invigorating, and riveting. They provide a ruthless technical death metal performance fused with a lilting and swirling melody, also fantastic progressive twist. This album is filled with complex, sharp, and dense guitar riffs, superb bass performances, energetic drums, and powerful vocals. While the guitar solo that is presented is really stabbing and wrenching heart also mind at the same time. The songwriting is aggressive with outstanding production. For those of you fans of tech-death metal, you must check this album and I think it will be the best choice for you.

Izthmi - Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind
This is a well-written black metal album, featuring various elements such as progressive metal, melodic, post metal, and frosty atmosphere. It's all beautifully executed through a series of dark and epic guitar riffs, eerie vocals, excellent bass, and punishing drums. This is the second attempt of the band to try offering something fresh and unique in the worldwide black metal scene through their musicality with outstanding expertise of each member. The songwriting is exquisite with clear production. The album is quite grab attention and evoke the emotions that are stimulated through a promising composition. Really invigorating album that worth to checking out.

Pestilength - Basom Gryphos
It's second album of them, delivers a dark, gloomy, and filthy blackened death metal that sound eerie, sinister, and haunting with a horror atmospheres throughtout this album. The guitar riffs are murky and dirty, and the vocals are sick. The productions is pretty good. Overall, it's a solid and pretty unique album, I will back to listen this album.

NightWraith - Offering
This is a very surprising and promising album, the band provides a unique blend of death metal, black metal, and doom metal with varied elements, such as progressive, blues rock, classical, and melodic death metal. They masterfully manage to weave a series of catchy guitar riffs, twinkling keyboards, powerful bass, and energetic drums along with fierce vocals. Meanwhile, its charming guitar solo never stops spoiling us with beautiful tones. The songwriting is brilliant and quirky that supported with incredible production. This is an album that take the listeners to an extraordinary journey with a strong fantasy and imagination. What an impressive presentation.

Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity
This is an exciting debut album, featuring a raw and primitive death metal show with some vile technical touches and somber doom metal elements that weaved together with a series of grim, dirty, and twisted guitar riffs, disgusting vocals, heavy bass, and energetic drum. All of them are ruthlessly executed in threatening compositions. Yeah, this is an excellent effort from them that deserves more attention and appreciation.

Saeva - All We've Lost We Carry With Us
This is an excellent show featuring a perfect balance of post black metal, progressive metal, and a fresh death metal twist. This album invites us to enjoy the gust of fresh air that we will breathe from start to the end through the presentation of fresh, crisp and soft guitar riffs, serene acoustic guitar sections, amazing bass performances, solid drums, and varied vocal mixes. There is also a sexy saxophone appearance that makes the show even more luxurious and elegant. The songwriting is fantastic with an amazing production. This is an album that is able to stir the imagination and evoke the emotions of the listeners at the same time. What a soothing album that provides a memorable listening experience.

Navalm - Abnormalities And Deviations
This band seems to never run out of ideas in writing songs, it is evident from their productivity in releasing albums every year, it is not an easy job and of course it takes harder work to do it. This is an album that presents a superb combination between progressive death metal and old school death metal that assembled with dense and thick guitar riffs, solid vocals, excellent bass, and energetic drums. In this album we are also spoiled with stunning guitar solos with its hypnotizing and intoxicating melodies. The songwriting is quite straightforward and has a good production. This is definitely an album that worth checking out.

Gorebringer - Terrified Beyond Measure
This is an excellent album filled with astonishing, twisty, fantastic, and heart-touching melodies peppered with a touch of straightforward and menacing technicality. It's all ruthlessly executed through fast, sharp, and dense guitar riffs, powerful vocals, great bass, and blazing drums. What a captivating album with straightforward songwriting and outstanding production. Really recommended.