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Review: Beyond The Structure - Scrutiny (2022)

Beyond The Structure is a technical death metal band that formed in 2012 at Estonia, this band just released their second album is called Scrutiny on April 28th, 2022 via Vicious Instinct Records.

The album opens with Endless Cycles with its fast-paced aggressiveness featuring ruthless technicality and grimmy dissonance, its fast and sharp guitar riffs working equally effectively to create a barbaric attack along with dense drumming and powerful howling vocals, then Progressors stomping with a crushing beat, they are good at taming complexities to turn into something captivating and interesting, in this track we will be offered some interesting performances from a series of crunchy guitar riffs, catchy bass, aggressive drums and savage vocals, this song keeps moving with cruel harmonics and lead us to Worms Of Consumption that come to oppress us with their horrific power. Its violence fill the extreme effectiveness that formed of crushing beats and intoxicating rhythms that create a mix of brutality and complexity that will torture us to the very end, before Portal To Eternity offered us a plot that oriented towards the progressive realm. Its voice forms a raw violence that boils down to intricate technicality, worrying dissonance, and enchanting melodies, it's the longest track on the album that allows the band to create a freedom in exploring all their ideas and skills to create a quality innovations, while Fictional Reality creeps in with its solid progressive roots, where complexity and violence fuse together to create enticing temptations that slowly propel us towards Profanation Of The Non-Existent, a short composition that has a heavy structure with dense technicality became a base its monstrous power, this track also present us a dreary respite which to give us a moment to enjoy performance of excellent bass and attractive drums, followed by Numerous Existences who came to offer us a massive dissonance feast that included strong old school patterns. Its rhythm is so pleasant combined with a tight technicality that slowly fades and disappears, before Mass Psychosis arrives to close the album with its dazzling charms and forms an addiction that born from the fusion of thick technicality and profound dissonance, then the track goes to the end with a rhythmic effectiveness that continues to flare and create a sense of ultimate satisfaction.

Scrutiny is an amazing album, they manage to make a perfect blend of technicality and dissonance with some progressive, melodic and brutal elements executed with a captivating rhythm and aggressive beat that forms a series of complex, fast and incisive guitar riffs, excellent bass, energetic drums, and solid vocals. The songwriting is both effective and captivating with great lyrical depth and tight production. This is an album that make me addicted with its strong allure and incredible craftmanship of each player that success creating a maximum satisfaction. Worth to checking out.