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Review: Dawohl - Leviathan (2022)

Dawohl is a death metal band from France, they are back and release their debut album is called Leviathan on April 22nd, 2022 via Dolorem Records.

The album opens with Canticum Belli, a dark and mysterious intro that delivers a suspenseful sound, then greeted by Statolaria, a song that has a heavy groove and catchy rhythm that showcases some of the technical hints behind a finely encounter between death metal and black metal with strong structure, while its terrifying vocal howl kept spreading a fear, then a dazzling guitar solo appears at the end of the song to pamper us for a moment, before Institutionalized Hatred comes to destroy us with a fast and incisive guitar riffs that connects with some heavy bass and powerful drums along with furious vocals that form a wave of massive destruction, followed by Volontary Servitude which offers some fierce technical elements and ab abrasive dissonance. The violence of this song is so strong that it doesn't break easily to continue to underscore the band's true strength, where they are able to handle piercing harmonics and raging beats, and then their jaw-dropping guitars pop out to slay us with crazy and chaotic tunes, then Subjugation comes from a darker realm with a heavy foundation, they strike with an unsettling dissonant rhythm that is concocted in an oppressive pattern and continues to spread an anxiety that will continue to connect, while Telos – Immanent Orthogenesis stomping with a tight and dense guitar riff with massive rage, the song moves aggressively that continues to hurl horrific attacks that continue to cling to its heavy musical structure, and then its slashing guitar solos come to offer a cursed melody that continues stretches to the end and brings us to Macro Apoptosis, a particularly vicious composition that delivers a series of fast and furious guitar riffs, where some dissonant and technical elements are still combined with an aggressive and oppressive sound, which allowing the bands creating a wave of attacks that exploded in a lethal pattern, and the album closes with I Vomit This World, a work by the French band Mercyless, which is executed with a very straightforward and violent that brings strong old school notes melted with anger that has peaked at a terrifying level.

Leviathan is a dark and cursed offering of blackened death metal that tames several elements smelted and executed in a savage manner. You'll find some performances of ruthless technical, unsettling dissonance, and heinous brutality that come with oppressive patterns, terrifying rhythms, also tight and dense structures. The songwriting is quite impressive with great production. This is an album with raw, dirty, dreary, and heavy sound that is shaped into a deadly attack to crush us with this abbrassive sound without mercy. What a sick album with all its craziness.