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Review: Dischordia - Triptych (2022)

Dischordia is returns with new album is called Triptych that was released on April 29th, 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records. If you are not familiar with them, they are technical/dissonant/brutal death metal band that formed in 2010 at Oklahoma.

A massive explosion of dissonance was immediately spewed out on Minds Of Dust which opened this album with its strong energy, this track is filled with strong brutality fused with complex technicalities which form a massacre that is ready to destroy us mercilessly, followed by Bodies Of Ash that dancing with its wide dissonance that stretching to each side of this track, the structure is very dense featuring a series of solid guitar riffs, crushing drums, heavy bass, and snarling vocals. In this track they also provide a respite that filled with skillfully played flutes that reveal a mysterious notes and evoke eerie nuances, before the ferocious vocals reappear giving oppression until the end, then Spirits Of Dirt comes with a high aggressiveness that pounces us with its fast and incisive guitar riffs, and then a gloomy interludes emerges with its mystical tunes amidst the intense musical onslaught, while its plot is really confusing which makes this song unpredictable and evokes a mystery that will continue to be unearthed with a fantastic hints that accompanies its journey, before The Wheel came with its cinematic and terrifying intro that connects us to a massive explosion of music with the power of dissonance, technicality, and brutality tamed together and fused into a complex, chaotic, and hard-to-digest offering.

The album continues with The Whip, a track that entangles our brains with its twisted dissonance like a roller coaster that leaves us dizzy and staggered, its structure is utterly bewildering with the brutality and technicality as coating of its hideous music, then The Carriage follows with a horror introduction and make a contemporary moment, before the music stomping with its powerful and terrifying energy that centered on chaotic and unconventional technicalities, messy dissonance, and based in vicious brutality. This is the longest track on the album which allows the band to continue exploring their madness and performs wacky scenes that are hard to decipher with a normal brain, while Panopticon comes to stab us with its sharp and toxic dissonance, where distortion after distortion brings heavy notes mixed with fast bass, energetic drums and eerie vocals that will continue to torment us relentlessly, then a quirky jazz section emerges to entertain us with its seductive tone, before we are executed with barbaric brutality in the last.

Purifying Flame continues this tortuous journey by bringing a sadistic threat that borned from a barrage of filthy and messy guitar riffs accompanied by devastating drums, then again they present a unique interlude with attractive percussion accompaniment and insane bass performances before exploding with a peak fury, before Le Petite Mort arrives to close the album with a burst of dissonance, technicality, and brutality that explosively executed and forms complex, odd, chaotic, and vicious tones that are hard to digest with common sense, while an extraordinary lead and a strange chorus is launched to lead us to the end of this lunatic journey haunted by malaise and anxiety.

Overall, Triptych is a form of crazy exploration by fusing three different styles of death metal, between technicality, dissonance, and brutality, where they are very expert at creating a series of complex, odd, messy, lunatic, and vicious tones that are difficult to digest and parsed with a common sense, it takes a long time to absorb everything. Each track on this album offers something weird and quirky with contemporary and unconventional interludes that give listeners some bizarre and varied breaks amidst the onslaught of crazy and ferocious music. The songwriting is very creative with irregular and unpredictable musical arrangements, where each member is able to present the uniqueness of all instruments played with excellent craftsmanship. This is a sensational and colossal work where this kind of music is hard to find among millions of extreme music around the world, because it takes thought and a wide range of music to create an album with a climax satisfaction.