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Review: Dissolve Patterns - Dissolve Patterns (2022)

Dissolve Patterns is an avant-garde black metal band that formed in Belgium, this band will release their self titled debut album on April 29th, 2022 via Brucia Records.

This album opens with I that offers a serenity generated from a series of sweet notes with a bass playing that is so elegant, then a worrying vocal howl emerges as if describing a deep despair of buried emotions, followed by a dramatic cello playing that reveals a deep sadness with a depressing rhythm, then an anger overflow when a terrifying howl of vocals erupted bringing the atmosphere so gripping until the end, while II opens with a sweet jazz session that stems from a melancholic cello performance, then slowly the song moves into unsettling realms as clean guitars and throbbing bass meet sinister vocals. It's a colorful track that combines anger and beauty that we will feel together in same time, allowing the band to create a sonority that is both beautiful and cruel, before - comes bringing a dramatic, strange, and unsettling soundscape that is exhaled with a gripping atmosphere and leads us to track III, a track that opens with a poignant cello with a suffocating melodic accompaniment that supports to create a depressing atmosphere and slowly moves into a dark and gloomy field as the disturbing vocal screams come with already mounting rage. The song has a varied structure that formed from a series of sombre and dreary guitar riffs, heavy bass, solid drums, and eerie vocals, the song features an ups and downs rhythm with strange sounds that pop up against the backdrop that evokes a whimsical taste and haunting feeling, then IIII arrives to end the album with an anxious soundscape with a bleak cello and melancholic guitar performances, and the mood turns unsettling as vocals enter to deliver a deep fright. This track has a heavier structure with a strong progressive foundation and some dark dissonance. Then slowly this track fades which leads us to a hollow ending.

Dissolve Patterns bring an epic and classy show with great taste. They skillfully able to tame the ferocity of black metal with an avant garde form that is fused with smart progressive and dark jazz music into a fantastic performance. Everything on this album collides and fuses in utterly eccentric ways, creating a multi-layered experimental music that built from a series of somber and dreary guitar tones, throbbing bass, solid drums, poignant and melancholic cellos, and eerie vocals. Its musical structure is varied with an unpredictable plot and hypnotic rhythms, that manage to generate an worrying and unsettling atmosphere. It's an album with rich, weird, dramatic, and complex soundscapes. A truly colossal and unique show that really worth to check it.