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Review: Egregore - The Word Of His Law (2022)

Egregore is a hitherto unknown blackened death metal entity within the narrow confines of our material world, now they appear for the first time by drop the debut album is called The Word Of His Law which will released on April 15th, 2022 via 20 Buck Spin.

The album opens with a mysterious and dramatic introduction on The Place And The Time. Through this dark soundscape we are like being transported into a terrifying dimension filled with scary spells that welcomes the arrival of Howling Premonition, a track that has a heavy and evil structure, they display an aggressive attack through a series of chaotic and gloomy guitar riffs, blaring drums, and terrifying vocals, while its soaring guitar solo come to carry a menacing and torturous melody, then followed by Exfiltrating The Triangle with its dark dissonance that open a cruelty faucets to flow an ever-expanding torture with heavy and dense guitar riffs, destructive drums, and savage vocals. Its hypnotic rhythm manages to make the listeners plunge into the abyss of suffering with a bunch of misery. Reborn As The Word Of His Law, an ancient blackened death metal treat that shrouded in a sinister melody and dark dissonance, this song moves with an intoxicating rhythm over a chaotic musical structure and its aggressiveness develops with an unpredictable plot, then Libidinization Of Will Azothic comes to revive the darkness with a more eerie portion, by combining a somber melody and a fiery chaos they manage to create a frightening threat over a cruel and diabolical composition. Behind its scary vocals they insert some weird backing vocals that are pronounced like a spell that will curse those who listen, then slowly fade away and lead us to An Address To Abraxas, which closes this album with its gloomy melody, is like a death soundtrack that will lead us to a sad altar of darkness surrounded by cold tones and worrying synths. This track moves very slowly like a gust of wind that will sneak up and fill every emptiness that exists and slowly disappear in the barn of restlessness.

The Word Of His Law offers an ancient blackened death metal compositions that has dark and chaotic structure. They manage to convey a mystical aura through disturbing notes with somber and soaring guitar accompaniment, eerie vocals, and torturous drumming. The songs that are presented are like a dark spell that will curse anyone who approaches it in a terrible form. This is an art creation that invites the listeners to enjoy the other side of darkness through a supernatural journey that full of mystery. A good album with unique songwriting, super recommended.