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Review: Et Moriemur - Tamashii No Yama (2022)

Et Moriemur is an Atmospheric death doom metal that formed in 2008 at Prague, Czechia. This band are return with new album is called Tamashii No Yama that will be released on April 8th, 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

The album begins with Haneda, a track filled with sweet and melancholic keyboard performances, where the tunes that are delivered are enough to make our minds travel to explore other dimensions with wild imaginations and sad feelings, then Sagami comes to welcome the harmony of the previous track with howling of frightening vocals that accompanied by a dramatic keyboard that reveals an alarming sonority and evokes unpleasant feelings, before Oshima greets at a slower and wider tempo that melted into a haunting rhythm, where they are able to evoke a more gripping and worrying feel. This track features a very gloomy funeral doom metal influence coupled with horribly gruesome vocals and dramatic keyboard performances followed by a depressing melody that formed from guitar playing that pierces the heart and mind. Izu, a song that explodes with bursts of dark dissonance, then slowly the track reveals to us a mellow rhythm with stunning intensity that spiced up with sounds of epic Japanese musical influences, where the song is able to amplify this captivating rage with compositions torturous melody, followed by Nagoya who showcased a melancholic and dramatic keyboard playing with a more grand and epic soundscape, this song reveals a bit of progressive influences that are melted down with a light dose, then the soft keyboard reappears at the end of the song which provides a little gap for us to sigh and give a serenity, before Otsuki strikes with a crushing beat and turbulent melody that builds on a disgusting composition with a heavier structure. The song moves forward into the darkness, even offering a burst of violence accompanied by a fast lead that reveals a strong progressive influence and then melted into a calming melody that runs through to the end and connects us to Takamagahara, this is the track that has longest duration that will closes this album, more than thirteen minutes where the band would amaze us with the immersive melodies born of depressing keyboard, violins, and cellos. While its eerie vocals evoke the despair that surrounds the entire song, it echoes with a gust of eerie atmosphere. This is the end of a sad journey when this song continues to move and lead us to an eternal void.

Tamashii No Yama is the successor of their previous album, now they are continuing their journey by exploring Japanesse theme. I found some interesting parts in this album, they added some traditional instruments such as the Shakuhachi which further strengthened the theme they brought on this album, moreover they also added some additional instruments such as keyboard, cello and violin, that make this album has more variety in the sounds and moods. Really engaging album that provide the listeners a unique experience.