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Review: Helioss - Contre ma lumière (2022)

Helioss is a progressive blackened death metal that formed in 2009 at Paris, France. Their last album Devenir le soleil (2020) is a fantastic album that I really love it, and now they are return with new album is called Contre ma lumière that was released on April 21st, 2022 via Satanath Records.

La chute du tyran opens this album with a melancholy and cinematic symphony, they weave epic and sweet notes into a fantastic presentation in the corridor of blackened death metal music with a very strong progressive touch. The rhythm is so intoxicating with an astonishing array of guitar work, energetic drums, and very impressive vocals, the tempo that often changes, becomes a surprise and a sensation in itself in enjoying the beauty of the compositions that they present, then the mystical sound of bells and chorus at the end of the song paved the way for Les ruines de l'oubli introduces the splendor of its regal symphony, and the song exudes a sharp sting behind heavy distortion and flickering keyboards, then goes straight ahead with the solidity of its dense musical structure that continues to form a fantastic musical force with an incredible variety of tunes, while L'insondable crépuscule des morts comes with a fiery spirit, it's another epic track on the album that showcases an extraordinary combination of ferocious black metal, solid death metal, brilliant progressives, and sumptuous symphonies. Everything is woven and executed with dazzling instruments and superb vocal work, then Contre ma lumière comes with the beauty and softness of their musical exclamations which they convey in a fantastic way. The song features a series of heart-touching keyboards, astonishing guitar solos, impressive vocals, excellent bass performances, and elegant drums playing, all melded and executed into a perfect composition. This is the longest track on this album which allows the band to never stop spoiling us with the beauty of their music and creating an epic sonority, what a really captivating song, before Je suis la voix des muets came to vent its emotions and anger over high aggressiveness, the composition structure was really fast and dense featuring sharp guitar riffs that loaded into dramatic and poignant melodic forms, along with heavy bass, powerful vocals, and thunderous drums. It's a combination of velocity, beauty, and splendor that is conjured into something terrifying yet dazzling, followed by Leurs serments inconsistents, a song that has a thick and tight texture with soaring rhythms and exciting beats, then they offer a mysterious breaks in the middle of the song with a gripping feel, before being busrted with stomping power and energy filled anger, and then culminated into a lethal attack that reverberated to the end.

Charniers, an astonishing track with lavish and majestic symphonic compositions that played from an epic and melancholic keyboard along with a series of complex guitar riffs, superb bass, powerful drums, and fantastic vocals. In addition to its elegant symphony we are also spoiled with a parade of invigorating guitar solos, which slowly fades and connects us with Abandon that closes this album very sweetly through a dramatic, melancholic, and cinematic keyboard composition that immerse our hearts and minds on a tenderness and beauty of its tunes until we fall asleep in a peaceful rest.

Contre ma lumière is a high-quality work of art that delivering a fantastic blackened death metal performances with a strong and brilliant progressive twist, as well as epic, grand, and sumptuous symphonies that shrouded by unique atmosphere. The songwriting is darker and more complex with a tight and aggressive structure, and the rhythm is really hypnotic and intoxicating that makes us drift and sink into the cradle of the charm of the beauty of its music. This album manage to push their creativity and penetrate existing boundaries with an outstanding experiments, that producing an elegant and glorious masterpiece. It's an impressive album that is able to attract and seize the attention of the listeners to continue exploring the beauty of the music presented.