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Review: Incandescence - Le Coeur de L'Homme (2022)

Incandescence is Canadian black metal band that formed in 2011 at Montreal, Quebec, this is side project of Philippe Boucher (Beyond Creation, Chthe'ilist, etc) and Louis-Paul Gauvreau (The Unconscious Mind). They return with new album is called Le Coeur de L'Homme that was released on April 15th, 2022 via Profound Lore Records.

The album begins with Avilissement, an epic track that opened with a beautiful guitar strumming beautifully sending a soothing tone, before exploding along with the thumping of a crushing drum. Its intoxicating rhythm seems to bewitch us with its crunchy guitar riffs, while its ferocious vocals delivers an intense cruelty, then Tréfonds Macabres followed with a more aggressive structure, catchy melodies, and a solidly progressive touch. The track moves with terrifying force on the vocals to the accompaniment of dazzling instrumentation, allowing the band to vent its fury over this fantastic composition, and a very dark outro brings us to La Descente, a track that has a heavier texture, in this song they play a faster tempo by featuring a series of rapid and incisive guitar riffs that alternately slash and pierce us with a fierce melody. Avide de cris, a song that seems to bring listeners to feel a deep pain, that is implied from its melodic strains that are heart-wrenching, then the poignant and somber guitar riffs alternately reveal the suffering that sticks and continues to haunt, while its wrathful vocals continue to burn until the end to resist a torture, continued by Écroulement vers l'abîme which made anger rise even more culminate above the darkness that continued to envelop with a gripping aura. This is a simple and short track but is able to hypnotize us with its lilting rhythm that slowly connects us with Le Coeur de l'Homme which comes with an aggressive structure, they immediately stomped with a deadly attack that was built from fast guitar riffs, heavy bass, energetic drums, and cruel vocals. Everything is executed and exploded with terrifying power, then we are brought to a serene interludes parts to the accompaniment of an epic melody, before slowly fading away and leading us to a more violent side in La spirale de l'échec, a track that rekindles the flames of pain through immersive compositions. But the song is delivered with a very strong energy with a solid progressive foundation, that allowing the band to create a dark yet intoxicating sonority that will anestheize us with its somber melody. Désacralisation Des Moeurs, the last song that closes this album with a beautiful melody, built with a solid structure and captivating rhythm. The song moves aggressively that brings a series of fast and incisive guitar riffs, thick bass, crushing drums, and terrible vocals. The tempo changes are unpredictable, sometimes they drown and sometimes they soar with gloomy melodies. Then slowly the song faded and disappeared into the eerie darkness.

Le Coeur de L'Homme was an epic, sumptuous and fantastic black metal release that I was really looking forward to. They managed to weave black metal with a touch of haunting melody and a progressive spice that permeated into the texture and structure of the composition. In its arrangement they are able to amaze us with a series of fast, incisive, dreary, and poignant guitar riffs that are come together with excellent bass performances, terrible vocals, and energetic drums. Everything is composed and executed with crushing beats, heady rhythms, and unpredictable tempo changes. This is a form of expression of anger, emotion, and cruelty that born from the ferocity of black metal fused with melancholy and sad tones. A black metal album that has a high taste, incredible songwriting, and outstanding productions.