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Review: Meshuggah - Immutable (2022)

Swedish Progressive metal legends Meshuggah are return with their tenth album is called Immutable, this album was released by Atomic Fire Records on April 1st, 2022.

The album opens with Broken Cog, a track that strikes with a crushing beat, then slowly melts into the dark and mysterious passage. Its dense guitar riffs make room for those worrying clean vocals while featuring some heavy technicals, then a furious roar of vocals pops up to greets the next track The Abysmal Eye that came to break the neck and poison the mind. These tracks have a heavy structure and devastating grooves, which will annihilate everything in their path to create a free space for powerful howls as well as chaotic technical leads, while Light The Shortening Fuse charged with a ferocious blow. This song is still very effective, showing a catchy groove with a tight structure, of course this track will definitely make the skull nod until hard to control, followed by Phantoms which has squeaky harmonics that create an interesting contrast with heavy and dense guitar riffs that are served, then mysterious tunes emerge from the cruel backdrop of music and let the band continue to torture us with crushing beats until the end. Ligature Marks, a song that has the same recipe as the previous song but sometimes has a haunting melody. The track has a very heavy structure that forms the guitar riff in an orderly fashion, then the roaring lead guitar tries to create a distracting noise on top of the strong density of its composition, then God He Sees In Mirrors strikes with a very energetic rhythm that born from a series of catchy guitar riffs that are successfully synchronized and fused with thunderous drums thumping and solid vocals that manage to create an aggressiveness that is unstoppable like a storm that hits us mercilessly, then solo the heady guitar comes to amaze us with its chaotic tune, then a quiet introduction opens They Move Below which provides a brief silence, before the music explodes with a heavy beat made up from a barrage of dense and thick guitar riffs, then a worrying lead guitar sticking at the heart of this instrumental composition to make a massive destructions. The structure of the music becomes heavier and denser when the Kaleidoscope strikes with its raw sound effectiveness and the tight Palm-mute of the guitar part that offers an incredibly abrasive sound output, and then a messy guitar solos pop out to rip our minds with bewildering tones, before Black Cathedral came to offer a gruff and worrying soundscape, which made a sad feeling at the end of the sound and connected us to the next track I Am That Thirst, a song that have the combination of the destructive structures and haunting guitar leads that were woven into compositions rooted in straightforward death metal. They have once again proven their dexterity in creating a lethal plot that will slaughter us mercilessly, then The Faultless comes to trap us into an endless wave of anger, the structure it presents is really heavy and solid. Then a quick and complex lead comes to deliver a madness that will continue to disturb all the time, before Armies Of The Preposterous exploded with high aggressiveness and a fast tempo. The rhythm that is displayed is so impressive and very interesting that is wrapped in a composition that has a cruel and threatening structure, then the band closes the album with Past Tense, an instrumental track that contains very calm, somber, and slow tunes, which takes us out of all the band's rage that overflows when the album reverberating and then drag us into a dimension full of emptiness.

Immutable is a solid and strong album, they once again managed to show their finesse in presenting a very threatening progressive metal music with a heavy, tight, and dense musical structure, devastating grooves, and heady rhythms. The songwriting is absolutely captivating with varied tempos and supported by the excellent production. It's an awesome comeback from these legends, an album not to be missed.