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Review: Miseration - Black Miracles And Dark Wonders (2022)

After a long hiatus around ten years Miseration decide to return and drop their fourth album is called Black Miracles And Dark Wonders that released on April 22nd, 2022 via Massacre Records. If you are not familiar with them, they are a death metal band that formed in 2006 at Sweden, and they was released three album before.

This new album has 8 tracks, starting with The Seal Of The Eight-Pointed Star, a track that immediately stomping with full force forming an attack that made up by a barrage of fast and dense guitar riffs, heavy bass, devastating drums and solid vocals. The structure is really thick with amazing rhythm, they add symphonic ornaments to the arrangement which makes this track even more grand, then Reign Of Fate comes to give a mysterious introduction before the grand orchestral performance floods us with a luxurious soundscape that continues to stretch to form a stunning sound wall, they use the vocal combination on this track between terrifying growls and dazzling clean vocals, while its sharp and complex guitars riffs alternately stabing us with ferocity also reveal the technicality side of the band, then the sound becomes frightening again when a mysterious outro appears at the end of the song depicting a monster hungry for madness, while Desecrate, Dominate, Eradicate stomping with high aggressiveness that packed into a series of epic and complex guitar riffs, with a solid structure, hypnotic rhythm, and a tight progressive foundation. This song moves to a tight beat then slowly fades away and let Enuma Elish bewitch us with its majestic, dramatic and epic melodies, then they offer a little interlude in the middle of the song that gives us a prep cue before the music explodes again with intense energy and speed, then an outro with a mystical chorus emerges. at the end of the song and becomes a connector to Fed By Fire/Led By Blood, a track that has an intoxicating rhythm by combining several elements, such as incisive technicality, brilliant progressive, soft melodies, luxurious symphonic, and some emotional black metal elements that are executed into an enchanting and tempting dish, followed by Kingdoms Turned To Sand which stuns us with soul-stirring compositions, its structure is epic and dense that built by a bunch of thick and fantastic guitar riffs, dazzling vocal combos, and blaring drums. Shah, a song that opens with a cinematic symphony before a terrifying outburst of rage sends us a powerful terror by flooding us with punishing tunes and crushing beats. This song continues to resonate with an eerie feeling that surrounds it until the end, before Connector Of The Nine Worlds arrives to close the album with an epic introduction, then slowly increases the tempo followed by intense energy in its heavy guitar riffs, solid vocals, dense drums, and tight bass. This is the longest track on the album, which allows the band to vent all their emotions and anger which soar to form an eldritch sonority that guide us towards the end of this tremendous journey.

Black Miracles And Dark Wonders is a wonderful masterpiece that was born from a long hermitage of the band, which forms a solid death metal composition by melting several elements into a deadly recipe, such as brilliant technicals, elegant progressives, epic melodies, cruel black metal, and a magnificent symphony with the right dose and portion. The songwriting is impressive with its heady rhythms and aggressive beats. It's an extraordinary comeback from a long slumbering monster that awakens with intense emotions and rage to devour all the madness in existence. Such an amazing album.