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Review: NightWraith - Offering (2022)

NightWraith is a blackened death metal group that formed in 2017 at Denver, Colorado. This band already has one EP and an album before, and they just released their second album is called Offering on March 25th, 2022 via Reaping Scythe Records.

The album opens with Offering, a heavy-handed introduction that instantly reveals the gloomy side of the band through a parade of melancholic guitar solos, then Hedonic Adaptation comes with a lilting melody that reveals the strong heavy metal influence over catchy black metal music. They manage to weave epic and sweet guitar riffs with hypnotizing rhythms, solid vocals, incredible bass, and energetic drums. While its stunning guitar solos followed by the captivating keyboards reveal a fantastic progressive rock influence, really great track. Beguiler, a very sweet track opens with a soft intro, before a terrible howl of vocals comes along with some amazing guitar work. This track has a solid structure in terms of instrumentation and vocals, then the rhythm that is presented is really intoxicating that provides a comfort until the end, followed by Genesthai sublimely lulling us with immersive melodies that woven together by fast and attractive guitar riffs, flashing keyboards, powerful drums, solid bass, and fierce vocals. This track manages to combine black metal and death metal with various variants of elements that are processed with the right dose, really an amazing presentation. The sharp and epic melody opens the track The Great Acceleration which immediately pierces with an aggressive musical structure, the vocals are so strong that never stop venting its anger, and the catchy keyboard solo make our minds fantasize, before the charming guitar solo manages to touch our hearts very gently and let us be hypnotized by the beautiful tones that are presented, then Shavano came up with a heavy and sturdy structure, the track immediately struck with a string of dense and sexy guitar riffs along with savage vocals and torturous drumming. In this track they include elements of doom metal, classical, and some touch of Blues music which makes this song sound more unique but dark, while the slashing guitar solo arrives to punish us very cruelly with devastating beats. Maranasati, a very cheerful song that is built from a series of aggressive notes born from a parade of beautiful guitar riffs, then its unique guitar solo comes to tease and indulge us with its exciting rhythm, before The Snake And The Rope arrives to close the album with a touch of a very soft and sweet melody that is met with clean vocals that evoke the imagination, then slowly the song moves towards a heavy and cruel direction when an eerie vocal roar comes accompanied by a scary rhythmic. This is the final track that ends the extraordinary journey of this album in a very dramatic way and gives us an outstanding climax.

Offering is a very surprising and promising album, the band provides a unique blend of death metal, black metal, and doom metal with varied elements, such as progressive, blues rock, classical, and melodic death metal. They masterfully manage to weave a series of catchy guitar riffs, twinkling keyboards, powerful bass, and energetic drums along with fierce vocals. Meanwhile, its charming guitar solo never stops spoiling us with beautiful tones. The songwriting is brilliant and quirky that supported with incredible production. This is an album that take the listeners to an extraordinary journey with a strong fantasy and imagination. What an impressive presentation.