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Review: Spiteful Visions - Spiteful Visions (2022)

Spiteful Visions is an online technical/melodic death metal project featuring members of Coagulate, By The Thousands and Æpoch. This band will drop their self titled debut EP on April 8th, 2022.

This album was opened by Suffocating Stench, a track that immediately lulled us with its beautiful melodic swaying along with sharp technical elements, the guitar riffs that are showing is really dynamic and fast with solid vocal accompaniment and very energetic drums, while amazing guitar solos managed to amaze us with an epic and lilting melody. What a beautiful initial presentation from this band, then followed by The Grotesque Lyon Of Versailles which offers a more twisty melody with a stronger technical recipe. The song has a thick and tight structure that built up from a series of powerful and incisive guitar riffs, splendid bass performances, torturous drumming, and extremely violent vocals. And then its slashing guitar solo greets us with a very complex selection of tones that lead us into heavier realms and connect us to The Mare, a track that is really fun and sounds even more upbeat. This track has a heavy structure with an intoxicating rhythm and a very aggressive melody. The song slowly turns into a terrible one as the vocal growls become more violent which is followed by a guitar solo that slaps us while pampering us with its melodic harmony that is able to touch the core of our heart gently. This is the longest track on the album allowing the band to create a spacious and epic sonority with the great craftmanship of each member. The band once again showcases the density and thickness of its musical structure through the track Spiteful Visions, which offers aggressive melodic fusion with the right dose of technical intricacy, while soaring guitar solos come to amaze us with hypnotic rhythms, and then anesthetize us with poison injections that born of a venomous tone that leaves us helpless to the end, before Kaleidoscopic Catacombs arrived to close the album with a more violent composition made up of a barrage of fast and complex guitar riffs coming together with heavy bass, furious vocals, and devastating drums. Meanwhile, its ravishing guitar solos come to guide us to a satisfying ending and provide perfect peace in our hearts and minds.

Spiteful Visions is an extraordinary self-titled debut releases which is the first offering of this project, through this album they have slowly given an incredible signal of what they present which will become a great strength in the scene in the future. Their music is a blend of beautiful melodies that melded together with straightforward technicality which is delivered with incisive, complex, and fast guitar riffs, solid vocals, energetic drums, and heavy bass, while the guitar solos performed are truly indulgent us with an intoxicating rhythm from start to finish. The songwriting is amazing with its thick and heavy structure, and it's supported by an absolutely outstanding production. It's a very captivating and memorable debut release that gives us a great satisfaction.