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Review: Undeath - It's Time​.​.​.​To Rise From The Grave (2022)

Undeath is a death metal beasts that formed in 2018 at Rochester, New York. This band was made great debut album on 2020 with Lesions of a Different Kind, and now they are back with the sophomore album is called It's Time​.​.​.​To Rise From The Grave that released on April 22nd, 2022 via Prosthetic Records.

The album opens with Fiend For Corpses, a track that immediately pounces us with the ferocity of death metal that features a slew of vicious guitar riffs, incredible bass, savage vocals, and torturous drums, and then its goofy guitar solo appears to slap us with its discordant melodies, then Defiled Again slaughtered us with a super dense composition, they flooded us with dirty and toxic guitar riffs, then the track moved swiftly to break the silence with a heavy burden, which is followed by Rise From The Grave with its tenacity to create a lethal attack through a parade of fast and sharp guitar riffs, thick bass, energetic drums, and disturbing vocals, then a strange lead guitar emerges to offer awkward notes, followed by Necrobionics, a track that has a solid and weighty structure, featuring killer guitar riffs that are arranged very aggressively to rip apart anything that gets in their way, while Enhancing The Dead breaks through our fortifications with a series of savage, frantic, and wild guitar riffs that carved insanely with a level of rage ready to explode, and then its ruthless vocals continue to threaten with terrifying energy, before The Funeral Within attacked us blindly with its evil compositions, mercilessly they continued to torment us with the barbaric musical structure, where its cruel distortion continued to bombard us with insane tunes, then Head Splattered In Seven Ways offers more challenging and threatening guitar riffs that are spiced with complex and chaotic melodies, then move straight with tight textures and connect us with Human Chandelier, an outstanding track begins with a thumping smack of powerful riffage, before moving on to a menacingly melodic chorus. This track straddles many styles ranging from melodic, brutal, to technical death metal executed and conjured in their own style into a fantastic shows, moving to Bone Wrought which delivers atrocities on a larger scale, they incorporate some complex elements, which we will feel in its stunning guitar work, as well as in its guitar solos that sow painful terror, before Trampled Headstones arrives with its fast and erratic tempo, this is the last track that will close the album in an extraordinary way, the structure is really intricate and chaotic. It's a highly aggressive track that concentrates anger to be savagely blasted out, then the cruelty slowly fades away and the music moves in a more peaceful and calming direction until the end.

It's Time​...​​​To Rise From The Grave is an outstanding album, they offer death metal with their own taste that formed from a fusion between old school, melodic, groovy, Brutal, to technical that executed savagely by featuring a series of fast, incisive, complex, frantic, wild and dirty guitar riffs, great bass performances, energetic drums and powerful vocals. The songwriting is amazing with a tight and aggressive structure. If you like a certain style of death metal, maybe you will found it at some part on this records, they will master it in some point that played with their own style. It's an excellent album and worth checking out.