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Favorite Albums Of April 2022

Continuing what I usually do at every month, in this edition, again I share my favorite album that become my choice, once again I emphasize that if your favorite is not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like it, because so many great albums were released in April. I'm having a bit of a hard to choose it, but after replaying it a few times, I think these are the albums that I think are the best that came out in April. Here's the list!

Dischordia - Triptych
This is a form of crazy exploration by fusing three different styles of death metal, between technicality, dissonance, and brutality, where they are very expert at creating a series of complex, odd, messy, lunatic, and vicious tones that are difficult to digest and parsed with a common sense, it takes a long time to absorb everything. Each track on this album offers something weird and quirky with contemporary and unconventional interludes that give listeners some bizarre and varied breaks amidst the onslaught of crazy and ferocious music. The songwriting is very creative with irregular and unpredictable musical arrangements, where each member is able to present the uniqueness of all instruments played with excellent craftsmanship. This is a sensational and colossal work where this kind of music is hard to find among millions of extreme music around the world, because it takes thought and a wide range of music to create an album with a climax satisfaction.

Epitaphe - II
This is a beautiful work and an album that must be consumed in its entirety to get the thrill of the full journey in it. This isn't just a collection of tracks, but it's an incredibly conceptualized album. It's a smooth and enigmatic journey, where they showcase a beautiful blend of progressive death metal with doom metal that fuses an epic, melancholic, and haunting melody, as well as displaying some unsettling dissonance that is executed very well in the composition and craftsmanship of each member. The songwriting is unique and brilliant with a very smooth production. An album that evokes passion, emotion, and anger at the same time. You should check out this album, because it's a very interesting and different stuff.

Helioss - Contre ma lumière
This is a high-quality work of art that delivering a fantastic blackened death metal performances with a strong and brilliant progressive twist, as well as epic, grand, and sumptuous symphonies that shrouded by unique atmosphere. The songwriting is darker and more complex with a tight and aggressive structure, and the rhythm is really hypnotic and intoxicating that makes us drift and sink into the cradle of the charm of the beauty of its music. This album manage to push their creativity and penetrate existing boundaries with an outstanding experiments, that producing an elegant and glorious masterpiece. It's an impressive album that is able to attract and seize the attention of the listeners to continue exploring the beauty of the music presented.

Incandescence - Le Coeur de L'Homme
It's an epic, sumptuous and fantastic black metal release that I was really looking forward to. They managed to weave black metal with a touch of haunting melody and a progressive spice that permeated into the texture and structure of the composition. In its arrangement they are able to amaze us with a series of fast, incisive, dreary, and poignant guitar riffs that are come together with excellent bass performances, terrible vocals, and energetic drums. Everything is composed and executed with crushing beats, heady rhythms, and unpredictable tempo changes. This is a form of expression of anger, emotion, and cruelty that born from the ferocity of black metal fused with melancholy and sad tones. A black metal album that has a high taste, incredible songwriting, and outstanding productions, I think you must check this out.

Atlantis Chronicles - Nera
This is an album that evokes a strong imagination and stirs the deepest emotions through a mix of aggressive technical death metal and impressive melodic death metal with a touch of progressive metal and metalcore here and there. Its compositions are very exciting by featuring a series of complex, thick, fast, and sweet guitar riffs, excellent bass performances, solid and attractive vocal combinations, and energetic drums, while its guitar solos are so captivating, invigorating, and heart-touching, that never stop spoiling us in every its presence, then there are some melancholic and epic acoustic guitar parts that further amplify the arrangement. The selection of tones on this album is more fresh, dynamic, and catchy with brilliant songwriting and outstanding productions. Overall I really love what they present in this album, it's a very impressive album.

The Spirit - Of Clarity and Galactic Structures
This is a sensational album, they present blackened death metal music with a stronger progressive touch and a more haunting melody. They managed to bewitch us with a series of epic, occult, and mysterious tunes that poured into a dark, gloomy, and fast guitar riffs along with solid vocals and powerful drums. The songwriting is fantastic and brilliant with intoxicating rhythms, immersive plots, and crushing dynamics. Its song structure is varied, sometimes aggressive, slow, and even colder. This is an album capable of evoking emotion and anger with terrifying energy being blown out at the same time. What a glorious album, with supported by an excellent production.

Beyond Mortal Dreams - Abomination Of The Flames
This is an excellent performance from a long slumbering monster, it's a great comeback album that features a very solid death metal show with a vicious technical touch and a menacing melody, we'll be hypnotized with a series of epic, fast, incisive, and complex guitar riffs, along with heavy bass, energetic drums, and ferocious vocals, while its twisting and astonishing guitar solos never cease to amaze us with fantastic notes concocted with an intoxicating rhythms and aggressive structures. What an appetizing album with straightforward songwriting and perfect productions, worth checking out.

Undeath - It's Time​.​.​.​To Rise From The Grave
This is an outstanding album, they offer death metal with their own taste that formed from a fusion between old school, melodic, groovy, Brutal, to technical that executed savagely by featuring a series of fast, incisive, complex, frantic, wild and dirty guitar riffs, great bass performances, energetic drums and powerful vocals. The songwriting is amazing with a tight and aggressive structure. If you like a certain style of death metal, maybe you will found it at some part on this records, they will master it in some point that played with their own style. It's an excellent album and worth checking out.

Miseration - Black Miracles And Dark Wonders
It's a wonderful masterpiece that was born from a long hermitage of the band, which forms a solid death metal composition by melting several elements into a deadly recipe, such as brilliant technicals, elegant progressives, epic melodies, cruel black metal, and a magnificent symphony with the right dose and portion. The songwriting is impressive with its heady rhythms and aggressive beats. It's an extraordinary comeback from a long slumbering monster that awakens with intense emotions and rage to devour all the madness in existence. Such an amazing album.

Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin
This is a diabolical, murky, and chaotic album. Musically they showcasing blackened death metal that fused with a very dark and threatening dissonance. The musical structure is incredibly aggressive that built on a series of sharp, fast, and somber guitar riffs, heavy bass, terrifying vocals, and devastating drums. The songwriting is wild with tight production. It's an album that takes listeners on a harrowing journey filled with cruelty and torture.

Analepsy - Quiescence
This is a very different slam album, they managed to break through a boundary beyond the style of slam music as we know it. In this album they offer more varied musical compositions and are easily accessible to all extreme metal fans, by adding modern, technical, and melodic recipes to its musical arrangements they managed to create extraordinary masterpieces with complex and heavy songwriting. You will be spoiled with an array of dazzling and astonishing guitar solos that you won't find in any other slam music. Really eargasm album.

Thos Ælla - Sempiternal Mobocracies
It's a perfect amalgam of various elements, such as black metal, death metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, and progressive metal which is executed brilliantly with an epic and attractive melodic recipe that wrapped in a very aggressive and menacing form with a rhythm that are intoxicating, exciting, and enjoying. The songwriting is ambitious and complex with a fresh and energetic approach. In this album we endlessly spoiled by a string of dazzling, captivating, invigorating, and astonishing guitar solos. It's a fantastic album that has a wealth of enchanting and evocative melodies that will blow our minds in incredible imaginations and fantasies.

Black Death Cult - Diaspora
This is a surprising and amazing album, I was made to fall in love with what they have to offer on this album. From start to finish, it felt like an awesome journey with a sensational listening experience. Each track that is displayed, we will find new elements introduced to keep our minds lulled with all the temptations. Their music is an excellent mix of filthy death metal and bleak doom metal with elements of weird progressive, chaotic experimental, quirky psychedelic, uncomfortable dissonance, murky avant-garde, menacing melodic, and horrific synths. The songwriting is outstanding with lots of heady rhythms and crushing beats. It's an album full of surprises, I'm sure I'll have to listen to this album continously to get an eternal satisfaction.

Dawohl - Leviathan
This is a dark and cursed offering of blackened death metal that tames several elements smelted and executed in a savage manner. You'll find some performances of ruthless technical, unsettling dissonance, and heinous brutality that come with oppressive patterns, terrifying rhythms, also tight and dense structures. The songwriting is quite impressive with great production. This is an album with raw, dirty, dreary, and heavy sound that is shaped into a deadly attack to crush us with this abbrassive sound without mercy. What a sick album with all its craziness.

Dissolve Patterns - Dissolve Patterns
This album bring an epic and classy show with great taste. They skillfully able to tame the ferocity of black metal with an avant garde form that is fused with smart progressive and dark jazz music into a fantastic performance. Everything on this album collides and fuses in utterly eccentric ways, creating a multi-layered experimental music that built from a series of somber and dreary guitar tones, throbbing bass, solid drums, poignant and melancholic cellos, and eerie vocals. Its musical structure is varied with an unpredictable plot and hypnotic rhythms, that manage to generate an worrying and unsettling atmosphere. It's an album with rich, weird, dramatic, and complex soundscapes. A truly colossal and unique show that really worth to check it.

Beyond The Structure - Scrutiny
This is an amazing album, they manage to make a perfect blend of technicality and dissonance with some progressive, melodic and brutal elements executed with a captivating rhythm and aggressive beat that forms a series of complex, fast and incisive guitar riffs, excellent bass, energetic drums, and solid vocals. The songwriting is both effective and captivating with great lyrical depth and tight production. This is an album that make me addicted with its strong allure and incredible craftmanship of each player that success creating a maximum satisfaction. Worth to checking out.

Azaab - Summoning The Cataclysm
This is the dazzling debut album by a band from a country that is under-radar in the extreme music scene, particularly death metal. But that's not the limit for them to create a captivating music, on this album they offer a progressive death metal with an amazing melodic and technical touch that woven through a series of fast and complex guitar riffs, excellent bass, and energetic drums, along with powerful and solid vocals. The songwriting is enchanting with the incredible production. This is an extraordinary effort from a band that was able to hypnotize and steal my attention the first time I listen their material. A very fascinating album with a million surprising and promising flavors, it deserves to be examined and received more attention.

Vāmācārā - Cosmic Fires: The Enlightenment Reversed
It's an incredible album, skillfully they mix psychedelic black metal and dissonant death metal with some progressive, doom metal, middle-eastern, and avant-garde elements. They're able to weave mystical, exotic, and dark tunes that melted into occult, fuzzy, and epic guitar riffs along with throbbing bass, heavy drums, and eerie vocals. His songwriting is unique and engaging which is executed conceptually and aggressively become a challenging compositions. This is an album that deserves more attention and shouldn't be missed, because it's amazing stuff.

Viande - L'abime dévore les âmes
This is an album that has a high level of darkness, they delivers a very bleak death metal form with a ornament of gloomy, somber and unsettling dissonance, some abrasive noise elements, and imbued with a harrowing and haunting atmosphere. The composition presented is truly unique, containing a bunch of filthy, dreary, murky, and nasty guitar riffs, horrific vocals, heavy bass, and devastating drums. The musical structure is heavy and aggressive with a hypnotizing and worrying rhythm. This is an album that brings fear, anxiety, and discomfort at the same time with the maximum level and sinister forces. You should try this stuff to get a different sensation and listening experience.

Postcards From New Zealand - Burn, Witch, Burn
It's an incredible offering and a very unique style of music. Musically, this album offers a crazy black/death metal performances with complex, filthy, murky, and vile technicalities that melded with chaotic, eccentric, energetic, and dreary progressives, along with a gripping atmosphere and some unsettling dissonance. The musical structure is weird and messy featuring a series of fast and aggressive guitar riffs, excellent bass performance, heavy and torturous drums, as well as raw and horrific vocals. I really enjoyed every side of this album with its weird and quirky songwriting and barbaric production. It's probably going to be an album that will share our focus with so many taste and variant, but I think a lot of listeners will love this album.