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About Us

Thank you for visiting our site, hope you enjoy it and will not regret it. Mianydoire was born from the love of Extreme Music. We have been around since June 2012, when we were first formed, we acted as a media that provided info on various Extreme music genres, and then we decided that we only wrote music that we liked and wanted to recommend, especially Death Metal, Black Metal, and Progressive Music. If we don't like something, we just ignore it.

》For Demo Submission:
Don't hesitate to contact us about your music, if you want your album or EP be reviewed or premiered by us, please provide a link where your song can be streamed and a download link of your album or EP. You can send to:

Email :

Don't send us a physical CD because need long time to check it, Bandcamp or Youtube link is recomended.

Best Regards.